Why You Should Try CrossFit

At Hoosier CrossFit we provide personal CrossFit training in a group setting. You will receive shared attention with 3-10 other clients. This means that you can have a personal trainer at a price you can afford.  Our highly qualified trainers will provide skill education, improve flexibility, and provide assistance to the needs of all members.

  • After becoming a CrossFitter, you can outrun a lifter, and out lift a runner.
  • You stay lean and will never become bulky.
  • Your independence in the real world will sky rocket because you have learned the correct technique to dead lift (pick up objects), clean (pick up an object and bring it to your chest), and push press (pick up an object and put it overhead).

At Hoosier CrossFit, we believe CrossFit is training for life.

Why does CrossFit work?

CrossFit works because our brand of fitness advocates and develops is deliberately broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing.

We know from the real results with our members that more frequent, short, varied and intense workouts yield greater benefits and results. Trainers constantly vary load, distance, and speed in any given workout, and will mix up aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Sometimes workouts focus on just strength or just speed, and sometimes it’s a combination of both.

Because of the focus on a variety of skills, our athletes see significant improvements in their body composition, work capacity, health markers (BP, Cholesterol, etc.), and their ability to perform tasks in sport and their daily lives.  Attend a 1-hour class 3 days a week, and RESULTS ARE TYPICAL.

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