Why You Get Results

CrossFit is the fastest growing fitness program in the world because people are finally getting in the best shape of their lives and news is spreading fast.  CrossFit provides fitness in a whole new way; keep reading to learn more about HCF and how our programming gives you results.

Hoosier CrossFit was established in 2010 and the key to our members getting the results they want starts with our core values:

  • Accountability:  Memberships, class structure, and attendance policies are designed to set you up for commitment.
  • Community:  When you share tough workouts together, it’s an experience that builds your relationships with the people beside you. Egos and negative vibes don’t have a place at HCF.
  • Diligence:  It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, hard work and the belief in not giving up is a part of the culture at HCF.
  • Quality: We are experts in adapting workouts for many abilities, regardless of past experience with strength and conditioning.  Each day, we work towards being better than yesterday.

Programming CrossFit workouts is a very delicate science, and key to your safety, improved performance, and longevity. Workouts are broad, general, and inclusive, meaning you’re going to be exposed to a spectrum of strengths and weaknesses on any given day.  Our coaches are experts in delivering advanced skill techniques to help you feel determined to overcome adversity, not defeated.

Who programs the workouts? While CrossFit is an affiliation, vs. a franchise; workouts are not supplied by CrossFit Headquarters and each affiliate has the freedom to operate their gym as they see fit.  Shaun, owner of Hoosier CrossFit and head coach, has over 8 years of hands-on experience, in addition to researching programming methodology.

How do you come up with workouts?:
Big Picture: A 6-week cycle begins with a benchmark test and concludes with a re-test; each benchmark emphasizes a different variable in your training.  Possible benchmarks may test your endurance, strength, stamina, skills, or a little bit of everything. During those 6-weeks, you’re preparing for that re-test.  With long-term commitment, you end up developing a variety of skills, strength, and conditioning over many more 6-week cycles.

Small Picture: Table 1, below, is a theoretical template for programming workouts; each day represents a different exercise performed in different time domains and metabolic pathways.  If you’re attending 3, 4, or 5 classes a week, following the programming, you’re guaranteed to gain results. HCF programs “off” days as active recovery days, versus, closing the gym.

Programming Template

If I only come 3 days a week, should I choose the high cardio workouts and avoid strength days, active rest days, or skill days?  When you begin to skip days because you don’t think they are intense enough or don’t enjoy doing them, then you’re missing out on the big picture, and you’re setting yourself up for failure within CrossFit training.  CrossFit isn’t just a fitness program to give you a cardio high, it’s a sport that involves many technical skills that takes a coach’s leadership to develop. You don’t have to understand it right now, but the reason you’re coming to HCF is because we are experts in CrossFit training and methodology.

What if the workouts are too hard for me?  Table 4 is an example template for workouts programmed over 12 days.  These workouts may look hard, or maybe you don’t even know what they mean yet, but HCF couldn’t have developed a great reputation and have become a successful CrossFit gym if we didn’t take care of our new members.  During On Ramp, expert coaches adapt workouts to your specific abilities; you’re going to feel uncomfortable learning new things, but just enough to want to come back for more.

Workout Examples








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