CrossFit Classes

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that doesn’t specialize in one area of fitness. Everyone joins with a weakness in one or more areas; the challenges you overcome is what bonds you and your classmates.  We will help you increase your cardio, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, and agility  by performing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity; our motto is, “You can outlift a runner and outrun a lifter.”  Ultimately, you’ll get the results you’ve always wanted from a fitness routine, and you’ll love the people you do it with.

What is a typical class at Hoosier CrossFit like?

Before Class: Arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle in and perform mobility and flexibility techniques (you’ll learn these).  We expect you to introduce yourself to people you don’t know!! All you have to do is say, “Hi” and you’ve met a friend.

During Class:  We begin On Time! Be ready for your coach.  If you see your classmates get materials that you’ll need for the warm up, follow their lead!


Warm up: 5-15 minutes in length.  We will include movements that increase your heart rate as well as add dynamic stretching components to prepare you for the workout.

Mobility: Deep tissue mashing and stretching will help you increase range of motion and get you into better movement positions that will help you move efficiently and safely


Skill Review: Quality is what we’re known for.   The coaches will review all the movements in the workout and help you scale the workout to your fitness level.

Workout: Shaun programs all HCF workouts; they are programmed precisely for the members in our gym to improve strength and conditioning. Show up at least 3 days a week to get the results you want.


After Class:  When you commit for the hour, you stay for the hour.  You are on a team with your classmates, and you stay together until everyone’s done.

It’s in your best interested to cool your body down and perform post-mobility stretching.  The coach will provide their suggestions, but it may not be trainer-led.