What to Expect in our CrossFit Classes

You may have already read how we’re different, and if you haven’t, you should.  All CrossFit gyms are affiliations, not franchises.  This means all of our businesses, although are founded on the same principles, are run very differently.   Here’s a summary of how we’re different:

  • We believe and act on our Core Values daily: Diligence, Community, Accountability, and Quality.  When you sign into a class, you’ll get quality training, with a group of people that become your friends.  You’re held accountable to showing up and working hard!
  • Quality Coaching: This is our full time job, and we are experts in teaching the masses CrossFit training.  In return, we expect you to perform quality movements.  When we teach you the right way, your integrity will help you perform the right way.
  • We offer 8-12 hours of classes a day, capped to 12 for quality.  We want your experience to balance you coaches guidance, plus independence.  Some gyms prefer to offer fewer class times and thrive off 30-50 people.
  • Class Structure: We are well versed in programing and safety, with trainer led warm ups, flexibility, skill work, and coaching through the workout.  We believe our class structure is World Class!
  • Community: CrossFitters are the coolest people we know.  When you do hard work together, it’s a bonding experience.  You’re expected to come with a positive attitude and fill your classmates up with hope, spirit and encouragement.

What is a typical class at Hoosier CrossFit like?

Before Class: Arrive 10-15 minutes early to settle in and perform mobility and flexibility techniques (you’ll learn these).  We expect you to introduce yourself to people you don’t know!! All you have to do is say, “Hi” and you’ve met a friend.

During Class:  We begin On Time! Be ready for your coach.  If you see your classmates get materials that you’ll need for the warm up, follow their lead!

  • Warm up: 5-15 minutes in length.  Warm ups vary depending on what type of workout is in store.
  • Mobility: performing this can help prevent injuries.  It’s like a deep tissue massage or yoga positions that push your limits.
  • Skill Review: many people need a refresher on the movements, so the coach will go over the movements in the workout.
  • Workout: CrossFIt invovles short and intense, long and induring, heavy strength for few reps, light strength for many reps, and more.  The options in movements, and time frames are endless.
  • Community Effort: We expect you to hang out for the entire hour of class.  Someone may still be working on completing their workout, and we expect you to be their teammate, and encourage them to finish with spirit and hope.

After Class:  It’s in your best interested to cool your body down and perform post-mobility stretching.  The coach will give you guidance, but you need to care for your body and hold yourself accountable to your health.


Many members will mark their reps, time and other things they want to track on the floor with chalk as they complete their workout.


Workouts are random.
Some CrossFit gym owners will program workouts that they like to do, know how to do, and avoid all other things. Random programming can occur, but it shouldnt! At HCF, our daily workouts are programmed especially for our members.  We have designed Crossfit Light for beginners, general CrossFit Classes for everyday folks, CrossFit Performance for those that need the next level of intensity, and CrossFit Competitor for those serious about training for competitions.

After each workout, we write your reps, times and the specifics for the workout up on the white board. It doesn’t matter if you’re first or last. But when the same exercise comes up again in your workout a few weeks or even months later, and you’re then able to get a better time, more reps, more weight, and so on, you will literally be able to see how much you’ve improved.

CrossFit workouts are too intense for average people.
We have ALL types of people who are members of our gym from ages 13-70, folks that have never done fitness and others who were collegiate all-stars.  CrossFit, by design, is functional.  Everyone is capable of lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.  We will help you get past your flexibility weaknesses, to help improve mechanics, and furthermore, promote safety.  We scale the load and intensity fort he masses, not the functional movements or programming.

CrossFit won’t help you lose weight.
This is misleading; 1 lb of fat is twice the size of 1lb of muscle.  It’s normal to lose weight in CrossFit because of the anaerobic and aerobic exercises we perform, but you’ll also gain muscle.  If you’re hung up on the scale, you may not notice you’ve lost inches and gained strength.  CrossFit will not make you bulky.  Genetics and lifestyle choices create bulk.