Thank you to all of the athletes, spectators, vendors, and volunteers who made our competition a great success!

Thank you to all of the athletes, spectators, vendors, and volunteers who made our competition a great success!

Overhead squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Front squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Back squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
*Goal is to build over the duration of each rep and each set, so if I finish my 5th set of ohs at 100#, the goal would be to begin the FS at 101# or more…etc.


“If you are not a specialized athlete, your training should be aimed at keeping you healthy and prepared for the variety of challenges life will often throw at you. Unfortunately, many individuals with no aspirations to be competitive athletes train only in one or two physical skill areas and only in the oxidative energy system. Hence, they become specialized without intending to. Many others just lift weights and are only fit to lift weights. The net result is that many of the exercising public totally ignore, or are unaware of, the need for GPP (General Physical Preparedness).”
CrossFit and GPP

Buddy Mobility at it's finest.  This front hip stretch is great after any squatting or running workout!

Buddy Mobility at it’s finest with Matt, Coach Shaun and Coach Heather. This front hip stretch is great after any squatting or running workout!

WOD: (6 week cycle test)
Attempt PRs with as much warm-up, ramp-up, and rest between efforts as needed of:
1RM Front Squat (max load)
1,000 meter Row (fastest time)
Pull-ups (max reps)


“Our skills and abilities are what they are in that moment. Spending all of our energy feeling badly about what we cannot do takes away from our ability to give all we can to the task at hand. When we are able to accept rather than lament, we have the space to give 110%.”
Moving Past Female Perfection in the Gym and in Our Lives

Girls rule at HCF!

Girls rule at HCF!

P1. Front Squat. 12-15 min to work up to a heavy single ~90-100% of 1 rm.
wu w/2-3 reps of 40,50,60,70%, then begin singles at 75-80%-increase in 5% increments.
P2. ‘Annie’: 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time:
Double-unders *scale to 1/2 du or 3x su


Two Paths
by Juli Bauer

…So stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to be someone else. Start figuring out what the hell you are going to accomplish today. Then do it.

Skill: Perfecting the box jump- KStarr & Carl Paoli

WOD: P1. Max Effort Front Squat. warm up in sets of 3 until 3 repetitions get heavy (50%,60,70,80) and switch to a single rep working up to 4 single repetitions of between 90-100+% of your max. (15 min.)
P2. 500m. Row time trial.











REMINDER: Our newest Coach led Specialty Class, Endurance, begins today @ 5:30pm!
More info & Registration.

Handstand/Handstand Walk Progression part #1.
Working with a partner. 16 min total, 8 min per person.
EMOTM: 3 front squats @ 65% of 1rm FS or 50-60% of 1rm BS, + 3 box jumps (24,30”)Partner 1 begins workout on the minute with 3 FS then immediately performs 3 box jumps with a step down, they have 1 min to complete that work. On the top of the 2nd min, Partner 2 begins with the same, repeat through both partners for a total of 16 min, or 8 rounds per person.

Endurance: Choose ONE of the following sports:
Swim: 3 – 6 x 200m w/ 90sec rest
Bike: 3 – 6 x 2M w/ 2 min spin/rest
Run: 3 – 6 x 800m w/ 3 min rest
Row: 3 – 6 x 800m w/ 3 min rest
(pick your weakness: ex. If you suck at running, run. If you suck at rowing, row.)

9/11 Day is a movement built on people remembering through positive action.
This movement is built on your good deeds
Millions throughout the world performed good deeds last 9/11, each paying tribute through positive action. Tell us what you will do (your “I Will”) this year and help grow the movement around the globe.

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