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This semi-private introductory session is conducted by the owners, Shaun or Jenna, on Monday evenings or Saturday mornings. Choose the button below to see our current availability. This is not a required step to get started at our gym but an opportunity for you to learn more about CrossFit Light and our traditional CrossFit Classes.

The owners arrange their busy schedules to provide this free session to you. We expect you to commit to your appointment.  

About your Appointment

We begin on time to describe the science behind our programming and how all ability levels can achieve full-body fitness.  Your questions about our trainer-led group classes will be answered during a tour of our 5700 square foot facility.  In addition, will learn how your body moves including where your strengths and weaknesses are within flexibility, strength, and cardio.  We will provide a warm up, flexibility, skill training, and 5-10 minute workout.  Come prepared with comfortable clothing and a water bottle.  Please eat at least 2 hours before your appointment.

Select a time through our Mind/Body system and we will email you back to confirm your appointment.

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Is Crossfit is a good fit?

Our main CrossFit Classes CAN be for anyone – check out our testimonials for some real experiences; our functional movement training and techniques to improve flexibility can help you get in the best shape of your life!  But quite simply, our CrossFit classes encourage hard work, determination when the going gets tough, and a no excuses attitude.  It can be a competitive environment, but it doesn’t have to be against other people, but rather against yourself.  If you’re just getting into a new routine, uncomfortable with fitness, or on a budget, try out our new program, CrossFit Light.

Already a CrossFitter?

We can complete a short skills test of the 9 foundational movements, Olympic Lifting skills, kipping pull-ups, and kettle bell swings.

  • This session requires a $50 deposit.  After this appointment we will place you into CrossFit Classes if you meet the criteria for testing out.  Your deposit can be applied to your first month’s membership.
  • If more time is needed to improve movement techniques, we recommend private training sessions for $60/hour.  Your deposit can be applied to this service.
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