Additional programs are provided at Hoosier CrossFit for members AND non-members!

Relentless Bootcamp

Relentless Boot camp by Hoosier CrossFit is a 4-week program that incorporates high-intensity interval training, kettle bell, medicine ball, resistance bands, and traditional sports conditioning.  Our programming will provide variety within your fitness, focusing on building a foundation for strength and cardio conditioning.  We have experience modifying for all ability levels!  Classes meet twice a week to meet the needs of your busy schedule!  You’ll still get quality training, but an affordable price of $80 per session.


CrossFit Endurance is a 6-week endurance sports training program dedicated to improving endurance running potential by teaching pose running mechanics, then increasing intensity with experience.   With careful programming and consistent technical improvement, you will decrease recovery time, reduce injury, preserve lean tissue and create a more sustainable performance curve.  Endurance classes will benefit members, non-members, those just starting out, and elite runners!


The Hoosier CrossFit Barbell Club offers 60-minute sessions led by a Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. Sessions focus on mastering basic barbell movements to detailed progressions to the most complex Olympic lifts. The Barbell Club is open to everyone ranging from hardcore Olympic lifters to those who have just been introduced to the barbell.


“After a tough week of challenging WODs your body needs to recover. Yoga as ‘active recovery’ is a fantastic rest day activity and is proven to aid your muscles in recovery. This hour long class is designed to help restore, renew, and revive your body so you can hit those WODs at 110%. No prior experience necessary. Bring a yoga mat and an open mind. Namaste!”

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The USA Olympic Weightlifting Team’s coach, Zygmunt, demonstrates how to correctly perform the snatch without moving feet during a youth development camp.