Private Training

For the general public, group training provides accountability; we observe that you’ll show up regularly, work harder, and feel results faster in the groups.  However, there few times, where we will suggest 1-on-1 training;  if you have specific needs due to medical conditions, past injuries, or have sports-specific needs (i.e. gymnastics or olympic lifting skill work), 1-on-1 training will benefit you.

CrossFit Light 

Tracey knockin out todays WODCrossFit Light meets the needs of new members who are on a budget or needs an “easier” CrossFit experience to get started with a new fitness routine. All workouts are designed for you to gain strength, flexibility, and cardio conditioning.  All movements are basic, functional, and will provide you a great workout!  You can schedule into any class time and sign out at your convenience!

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Our members are dedicated to our core values: Quality, Community, Accountability, & Diligence98% of our members join CrossFit Classes for the general athlete.  CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program with constantly varied workouts with the goal is to improve your overall fitness. Workouts are typically short—20 minutes or less—and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion. They combine movements that encompass our 10 fitness principles such as sprinting, rowing, jumping, climbing, weightlifting, and so on.  Women feel results they hadn’t achieved in years and men are stronger today than they were in their prime.

Our On Ramp program, a prerequisite for CrossFit Classes. Learn more about On Ramp here!

CrossFit Performance

Competitors working hard with odd objectsThese workouts include a greater degree of volume,  intensity and complexity compared to the general CrossFit Classes. You’ll improve your technical skills within gymnastics, Olympic lifting, plyometrics, and more. This class is intended for athletes who have been attending general CrossFit classes 4-5x/week for a period of time.  You must test in to this class and the package is $145/month. Read More Here.

CrossFit Competitor 

Great Lakes Invitational: Indy 2014The sport of CrossFit is one of the fastest growing, most exciting opportunities out there for athletes looking to push the boundaries of human performance.  CrossFit demands high levels of skill and coordination as well as strength, speed, power and endurance. Our competition program is rigorous by design to represent Hoosier CrossFit as a serious athlete at competitive events. You must test into this class and the package is $155/month. Read more here.

EndurancE Club

Get out of the house and go on a run! Accountability is the key to success and sometimes all we need is a buddy. Connect with some of our members on our Facebook Endurance Club page.  Members and non-members from beginners to advanced will have fun with our group.


The Hoosier CrossFit Barbell Club offers 60-minute sessions led by a Certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach. Sessions focus on mastering basic barbell movements to detailed progressions to the most complex Olympic lifts. The Barbell Club is open to everyone ranging from hardcore Olympic lifters to those who have just been introduced to the barbell. 1 class is $15 and 4 classes are $40 (3-month expiration).

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The USA Olympic Weightlifting Team’s coach, Zygmunt, demonstrates how to correctly perform the snatch without moving feet during a youth development camp.