Memberships & Prices

CrossFit Light

CrossFit Light is a basic program that builds strength and conditioning using medicine balls, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises.  No pre-requisites are required and you can start as soon as you like.

  • $10 – 1 class
  • $49 – 8 classes with a 1-month expiration
  • $99 unlimited classes with a 3-month expiration
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On Ramp: Foundations

CrossFit is an effective fitness program for a variety of ages and abilities, but it requires a foundation of barbell skills and gymnastic movements for you to move safely and feel progress over time.  On Ramp is a pre-requisite to join CrossFit Classes and there are specific enrollment dates. When you commit to On Ramp, you also commit to 1-month of CrossFit classes with our 3x/week-5x/week package.

  • $160 – 12 On Ramp classes over a 1-month time frame. You can miss up to 3 classes.
  • $60/session – Private Training with 3 sessions/week for 2 weeks. We highly suggest the group On Ramp course, but we can accommodate your busy schedule with private training.   You will learn all the movements taught in the group On Ramp privately.
Upcoming On Ramp schedule and registration

CrossFit  Classes

After On Ramp, you’re committing to at least 1 month of CrossFit classes.  Below are the package prices.  Each price is a monthly rate to attend X days a week. The 1st of each month auto-billing takes place.

Additional Discounts

Student packages for New members

  • If you enroll in a January or August On Ramp, you will see an option to pay $457 for 1 month of On Ramp + 3 months of unlimited CrossFit classes.  This is up to $70 in savings!

Returning students or students that test out
Attend CrossFit Classes for $99/month! Sign up in January or August to pay $396 and get 4 months of unlimited CrossFit Classes.

  1. Email to let us know your January/August start date.
  2. Full price of $396 for school semester, and $297 for summer break is paid upfront.
  3. Your expiration date is exactly 4 months or 3 months after your purchase date. You do not need to email confirmations when you leave for breaks because your membership will not be on an auto-renewed contract.
  4. This membership only applies to CrossFit Classes. Specialty classes like Olympic Lifting and Performance Classes are not eligible for discounts.

Registration Dates:

January 1-January 31
May 1- May 31
August 1 – August 31

Save 10% with valid identification.

  • Teachers
  • Military
  • First Responders
  • IU Health Employees

Ask us about our Corporate discounts.

Other Training Options

Private Classes

Private classes are tailored to each individual’s need for everything from Olympic lifting, multi-sport, pregnancy, post-rehab strength and conditioning, or you simply want to avoid groups. We can accommodate your schedule for early morning, mid-day, and evening sessions.  Contact to inquire about trainer availability.

Frequency: 1-6x/week. For best results,

Rate: Join with a friend for discounted rates

  • 1 person – $60/hour
  • 2 people – $50/hour per person
  • 3 people – $40/hour per person

*If any member of your group does not show up, you will be charged the rate based on the number of attendees.  If we expect 3, and only 1 is in attendance, you will be charged $60 for a private session.

Drop-in Sessions

This option is intended for traveling CrossFitters
Visit our CrossFit classes schedule.  Choose a day and time you would like to come and send an email to  Choose 1 class for $15, 1 class + 1 Tee for $25 or, 3 classes for $30.

  • Classes are trainer-led with a warm up, flexbilbility, skill/review, and WOD in which we begin on time.