Memberships & Prices

On Ramp: Foundations

CrossFit is an effective fitness program for a variety of ages and abilities, but it requires a foundation of barbell skills and gymnastic movements for you to move safely and feel progress over time.  On Ramp is a pre-requisite to join CrossFit Classes and there are specific enrollment dates. When you commit to On Ramp, you also commit to 1-month of CrossFit classes with our 3x/week-5x/week package.

  • $169 – 12 On Ramp classes over a 1-month time frame. You can miss up to 3 classes.
  • $249 – If you can’t attend group On Ramp times, then we’ll need to help you learn the skills in a private training session; 6 one-hour sessions or 12 thirty-minute sessions covers the cost.  Email to set up at least 3 sessions a week.
Upcoming On Ramp schedule and registration

CrossFit  Classes

After On Ramp, you’re committing to at least 1 month of CrossFit classes.  Below are the package prices.  Each price is a monthly rate to attend X days a week. The 1st of each month auto-billing takes place.

Additional Discounts

Student packages for New members

  • If you enroll in a January or August On Ramp, you will see an option to pay $457 for 1 month of On Ramp + 3 months of unlimited CrossFit classes.  This is up to $70 in savings!

Returning students or students that test out
Attend CrossFit Classes for $99/month! Sign up in January or August to pay $396 and get 4 months of unlimited CrossFit Classes.

  1. Email to let us know your January/August start date.
  2. Full price of $396 for school semester, and $297 for summer break is paid upfront.
  3. Your expiration date is exactly 4 months or 3 months after your purchase date. You do not need to email confirmations when you leave for breaks because your membership will not be on an auto-renewed contract.
  4. This membership only applies to CrossFit Classes. Specialty classes like Olympic Lifting and Performance Classes are not eligible for discounts.

Registration Dates:

January 1-January 31
May 1- May 31
August 1 – August 31

Save 10% with valid identification.

  • Teachers
  • Military
  • First Responders
  • IU Health Employees

Ask us about our Corporate discounts.

Other Training Options

CrossFit Light

CrossFit Light is a program that builds strength and conditioning using basic movements medicine balls, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises.  We designed this program to be affordable and basic, yet, perfectly intense for a beginner CrossFitter. If you struggle with pain when you move or intense activity, we have affordable 30-minute private training prices.

Classes are currently 6:15pm on Tuesdays/Thursdays, and Saturdays at 10am and you can start today without any pre-requisite training.

  • $10 – 1 class
  • $49 – 8 classes with a 1-month expiration
  • $99 unlimited classes with a 3-month expiration
Sign into a CrossFit Light Class

Private Classes

Private classes are tailored to each individual’s need for everything from Olympic lifting, multi-sport, pregnancy, post-rehab strength and conditioning, or you simply want to avoid groups. We can accommodate your schedule for early morning, mid-day, and evening sessions.  Contact to inquire about trainer availability.

Frequency: 3-5x/week for the best results

Rate: Join with a friend for discounted rates

  • 1 person – $60/hour
  • 2 people – $50/hour per person
  • 3 people – $40/hour per person

*If any member of your group does not show up, you will be charged the rate based on the number of attendees.  If we expect 3, and only 1 is in attendance, you will be charged $60 for a private session.

Drop-in Sessions

This option is intended for traveling CrossFitters
Visit our CrossFit classes schedule.  Choose a day and time you would like to come and send an email to  Choose 1 class for $15, 1 class + 1 Tee for $25 or, 3 classes for $30.

  • Classes are trainer-led with a warm up, flexbilbility, skill/review, and WOD in which we begin on time.