“You must have the commitment and discipline to fight through the inconveniences and sacrifices associated with achieving your goal. Ask any one of the athletes training to compete at Games when the last time they had a weekend to themselves. They have sacrificed countless hours with friends and family to ensure that they are as prepared as possible to perform when it matters most….Throughout it all, the top performers never balk or doubt the journey.”
Are You Committed?

What do you do when you are 7 months pregnant? Snatches!  Learn more about pregnancy and CrossFit from

A. Snatch skill: burg warmup + skill transfers
B1. Snatch Segment pull 4×1: floor-knee-hip-finish + sn pull (mod-heavy)
B2. Hang Snatch 4 x 1 : increasing each round to a mod heavy single

Saturday and Sunday

Sat. Aug 9.
8-10a: Open Gym.
10-11a: Olympic Lifting- Snatch.

Root on your fellow HCF members as they compete today!
Shaun & Cathal- Zionsville Heathspot Throwdown
Matt M.- Sprint Triathlon Columbus IN
Derek S.- Individual CF comp in Kokomo

Sun. Aug 10.
4pm.Possible open gym


Hoosier CrossFit is proud to announce that Coach Wil Fleming (Co-owner of Force Fitness and Junior National Olympic Lifting Champion) will be conducting in house Olympic Classes! You will meet 2x/week for 8 weeks covering the fundamental breakdowns and full lifts of the Snatch & Clean & Jerk.
Class Start Date: September 2
Class End Date: October 23
Sign up here

Shaun and Jenna went to the CrossFit Level 2 Coaches Prep coarse.  This is Dave Lipson covering pressing.

Shaun and Jenna went to the CrossFit Level 2 Coaches Prep coarse. This is Dave Lipson covering how to teach the press, a foundation of the push press and jerk.

A. Power clean + Split jerk skill work
B1. Power Clean + Split Jerk -
70% (of PC) x 2(1+1) x 2, 75% x 2(1+1) x 3
B2. Accessory work between B1:
2 Turkish getups per side (light-mod load for quality)


“People who achieve the highest level of excellence need obsession. Obsession fuels the task. Obsession is the name of the hunger that refuses to calm until you’ve accomplished your goal. You need that drive to go beyond comfort, beyond set points, beyond natural and unnatural obstacles and without it you’ll question it all.


4 rounds for time:
10 Box Jumps (20,24”)
10 Deadlifts (155,225#) ~60%
200m. Run/250m. Row *pick your weakness


For Quality:
Perform 5 sets of 5 reps of:
Weighted Dips
Strict underhand pull-ups
Strict Toes-Bar
*Increase weight/use less assistance each set
**As difficult as possible with good positioning