“Confidence can be built and enhanced by keeping your positives and successes in the forefront. When confidence is shaky, there is a tendency to fall back to the negatives, to mistakes and deficiencies (i.e. “I missed again”, “Why can’t I do this?”). Thoughts and focus need to be purposely directed to your positives. Before starting a practice or event, instead of focusing on what you missed, remind yourself of the things you did right, that you could do again.
Confidence and High Intensity Performance


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A. 10 min. of Hang Snatch skill work.
B. 15 min: Build to a solid heavy single Hang Snatch. (power or full)
C. 5 rounds of 10 GHD/abmat sit-ups and 10 GHD hip ext/empty barbell good mornings.


4 rounds for time:
5 Front Squat (155,225)
*scale to no more than 70% of 1 rm.
10 strict pullups
*scale with assistance to be able to accomplish in 2-3 sets.
400m. Run


Put down the mental junk and walk away. There’s a brighter path around the corner. Drop the burdens you don’t need, and sprint towards it. Stop taking on, and watch yourself take off.
What You Take On

Coach Heather ensuring everyone's scaled properly for the workout.

Coach Heather ensuring everyone’s scaled properly for the workout.

4 rounds for time:
10 Handstand pushup
15 deadlifts (155,225#) *no more than 60% of 1RM
400m. Run


The ‘Position’: Bar Dips , Ring Dips
A. FIRST: show the ring dip, stationary dip, and box dip.

1. Box Dip: good posture, shoulders dip below elbow. 2-3 reps. Move forward if proficient with Box Dip.

2. Straight bar:
A. static hollow body hold w/ external rotation. 2-3 rounds of a 10 second hold. Modification is having a box underneath the straight bar for raised floor. If they cannot hold for 10 seconds, go back to box.

B. straight bar dip with press and needs more than green band: go to box for 3 box dips

C. Straight bar dip with press and can use blue band or RX: practice 2-3 reps.

3. Rings: static hollow body hold with external rotation (thumbs turned out at 11 & 1). 2-3 rounds of a 10 second hold.

4. ring dip with press (stay in hollow body) + pressing through with turn out as above. 2-3 rounds of 3 reps.*only allow a person to do ring dip or modified ring dip with band IF they can do a solid dip on bar with assistance & hold them selves on the static ring hold without failing.

Hold top of Ring Dip
Hold bottom of Ring Dip

Odd rounds hold top, even rounds hold bottom until you complete 8 intervals of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.


OTM x 15 min.
Min 1: Back Squat 3 reps @ 45%*
Min 2: Max DU
Min 3: rest
*Each round of back squat increase 10%, rnd 1: 45%, 2: 55%, 3:65%, 4:75% 5: 85%.