Saturday and Sunday

Sat. Feb. 28.

9-10a: open gym.
930-10a: NEW mobility class!
10-11a: olympic lifting
1030am: FREE Hoosier CrossFit Kids workout and at 11am for our Adults FREE community workout!

Sun. March 1.

4p: 15.1 makeup/ open gym


Larchmont: Friday Night Lights - CrossFit Open WOD 15
NO Evening classes- Open 15.1 @ 6pm!


OTM x 30 (Goal with this is continuous movement, even while “resting”, you should be walking around for active rest movement)

Min 1: 10 Russian swings (moderate-heavy)

Min 2: DB/KB reverse alternating lunges x 10 total

Min 3: Crossover symmetry activation x 5-8 reps of 1-2 movements.

(Repeat through for 10 rounds of each movement)


We can train youWOD:
A1. Snatch skill work
A2. OTM x 10:
1 Sn. Deadlift + 1 high hang snatch
(increasing weight every min/2min)

Extra Credit:
OTM x 10:
odd min: 5 strict pull-ups,
even min: 5 strict dips


A. Back Squat (pause for 3 seconds):
5 rounds x 3 reps
*beginning around 50-60% of 1 rm and increasing by feel each round. (rest 2-3 min between each work set)

B. Kipping pullup skill: 1 & 2.

Extra Credit:
OTM x 10:
Odd min: 10 russian swings (53,70),
even min: 10 GHD sit-ups


Thanks to all who participated and donated in the HCF Throwdown and Fundraiser this past weekend!

Thanks to all who participated and donated in the HCF Throwdown and Fundraiser this past weekend!

AMRAP 10 min:
5 Thrusters (65,95)
7 burpees over bar
9 toes-bar


Session 2 (Emphasis- Strength/olympic skill development)
Mon. Feb. 23- Friday April 3, retesting on Monday April 6.
De-load Tues. April 7- Fri. April 10.

This second cycle of 2015 will be geared toward olympic lifting skill development with shorter more intense conditioning workouts mixed in as well as still increasing GPP.
To learn more about olympic lifting training cycles and movements visit: &

A1. High Hang Clean + push press + push jerk skill work
A2. OTM x 10: 1 Clean deadlift + 1 high hang clean + 1 pushpress/pushjerk
(increasing weight each min/2 min, once push press becomes too heavy, begin to push jerk.)

B. ‘Grace’
30 reps for time: Floor-shoulder-overhead (95,135#) 8 min cap.