How We are Different

CrossFit is an affiliation, not a franchise.  This means that we are all independently run with no boundaries, rules, or regulations from our headquarters.  In turn, this means you want to make sure that the gym you choose will fit your goals to achieve health and wellness. 

We believe in quality over quantity.  We aren’t seeking more members at a low rate just to make an extra buck.  We aren’t showing off our fancy equipment in our introductions.  We aren’t gasping about our large work space and a dozen people on our coaching staff to impress you.  The people that join our gym believe in quality and integrity.  What makes Hoosier CrossFit different than other fitness programs and CrossFit gyms? Keep reading.

The Filthy Fifty truly was FILTHY! Small Group Classes

Most CrossFit gyms encourage large group sizes. At Hoosier CrossFit, all classes are limited to small groups because we believe you receive better, individualized attention to make you feel like a member, not a number.  All Classes are capped to 12 people.


Our getting-started program, On Ramp

On Ramp is the most important first step in getting started with CrossFit because we are teaching movement mechanics for safety and longevity.  Most gyms do a few private training sessions, then set you off.  Some gyms don’t have On Ramp and immediately jump into CrossFit classes.  We’ve tried it all, and narrowed down the best way for you to safely learn CrossFit, maintain longevity, and still get the strength and conditioning results you desire.  With us, you must crawl before you can walk and walk before you can run.  In 6-12 classes, No one will teach you better than we do.  By the end of On Ramp, our newest members are very competent with nearly all movements.

Class Structure
Some CrossFit gyms provide very little guidance through the warm-up,  flexibility, and even describing the workout.   Some gyms let you change the warm up or workout because you don’t like what’s planned for the day.  You come to Hoosier CrossFit because you believe in our Core values.  We run a tight ship, and your coach will lead the class from start to finish.  Each 1 hour class will begin with a warm up, flexibility, skill work, and then you’re ready for the workout.

Workout Programming
CrossFit is known for high intensity and constantly varied workouts, but constantly varied should not be interpreted as constantly random.  CrossFit also shouldn’t be identified solely on intensity.  Shaun has years of research in a variety areas of sports performance programming; there is a science to our programming in which your workouts are hand picked and vary among short and intense, long and enduring, heavy loads with few reps, and light loads with many reps.  Your CrossFit gym should know why you’re doing that workout on that particular day.

Expert Coaching
When hiring coaches, they begin as members, then participate in a lengthy internship. They observe, teach, and take direction from the lead coaches and owners, Shaun and Jenna.   We are full-time coaches who meet weekly on Fridays to continue our education and collaboration.

One of the greatest reasons why Hoosier CrossFit is different is because of our supportive community inside and outside of the gym.  Every month, we host holiday workouts with after-parties like our Tacky Sweater Christmas workout,  outside-of-the-gym get togethers like rock climbing at Hoosier Heights, fundraiser workouts such as our “Mighty Murph Challenge” to support local Monroe County American Red Cross, and competitive events such as Tough Mudder and regional CrossFit competitions.  We’ve donated over $20,000 for Local Charities!

It’s no wonder why we were named Small Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce.