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Bod Pod Testing @ Hoosier CrossFit
Sep 14 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Price: If 25-30 people register, it’s $40. If 31 or more register, it’s $20.

Who: ANYONE! non-members can register by simply creating an account with us in Mindbody, then continue to schedule the appointment. When you sign up, you are a responsible adult committing to the appointment. Do NOT skip your appointment or cancel last minute.

Visit Epoch Wellness to Learn more about Bod pod Services:

They will find your Lean Body Mass, Body Fat % as well as an estimate of Resting Metabolic Rate.

Each appointment is 15 minutes and they would collect the payments on the day of the test. They accept cash and all credit cards.

Bod Pod Testing Instructions

Participants should not eat or exercise two (2) hours prior to testing.
Females should wear either a form fitting spandex- type swim suit or single layer compression shorts without padding and a single layer (not padded) sports bra.
Males should wear a form fitting spandex-type swim suit or single layer compression shorts without padding.
No other articles of clothing should be worn during testing with the exception of a swim cap, which we will provide.

The entire process will take about ten (10) minutes, the body fat assessment takes five (5) minutes.

What to expect during Bod Pod testing

o Each participant should be dressed in appropriate testing attire.

o Next you put on a swim cap and I will enter your information into the system.

o You will then sit in the bod pod, I will give you instructions on what to do during the assessment.

o I will close the chamber door to run the 1st of 2-3 volume measurements (each about 45 seconds).

o You will receive a printout of your body fat estimate following the assessment.

Olympic Lifting Seminar With Wil Fleming @ Hoosier CrossFit
Sep 20 all-day
Olympic Lifting Seminar With Wil Fleming @ Hoosier CrossFit | Bloomington | Indiana | United States

1 full day seminar covering the Snatch/Clean & Jerk. Pricing will be $149 for the full day which will also include one of his olympic lifting progression posters.

Registration goes live the week of July 14!

At an Olympic lifting clinic you will learn:
Break downs of the full lifts and catered toward beginner-advanced lifters alike!
How to Use the Olympic Lifts to Develop Better Athletes
To Coach and Learn the Lifts Safely, Even In Large Groups
Screening and Correcting for the Right Mobility in O Lifts
Certain Positions Give You An ADVANTAGE Over Heavy Weights
Programming to Continuously PR

HCF Athlete Camp @ Hoosier CrossFit
Oct 4 @ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

This athlete camp is designed to improve sports performance for anyone interested in joining the performance and competitor groups or for those already in them.

Sports performance education will include Olympic Weightlifting:(Pull Blocks, Jerk Block, Bars and Equipment), including training blocks on strongman equipment, kettle bell training, gymnastics skill development, mobility, mental toughness and attitude and much more.

Rough draft of the day/timeline

830am: Show up/registration/introductions

9-10a: Proper warmups/mobility prep drills.

10-11a: Barbell complex warmup/positioning/snatch-clean/jerk complex + WOD 1

11a-12p: Continued barbell work- MOFO + prison rules WOD 2.

12-1p: Lunch Break

1-2p: Gymnastics skill development. pull-ups/muscle-ups, handstands/HSPU, etc. + workout 3

2-3p: Plyometrics and field drills

3-4p: KB training + strong man implements (yoke,stone,butcher) + workout 4

4-5p: Post mobility + mission/goals/mental prep/positive affirmations and group questions (keg of beer included)

October Bring A Friend Community Workout @ Hoosier CrossFit
Oct 5 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
October Bring A Friend Community Workout @ Hoosier CrossFit | Bloomington | Indiana | United States

Join HCF and friends for our October Bring A Friend workout! A great time to get motivated with like minded individuals to get your fall fitness started right!

2pm: CrossFit Kids FREE workout!

2:30pm: Adults FREE workout!

Sometimes you’re friends need a little push! Invite them to do a workout with you! This event isn’t only for members of our gym, though! If Someone is out there who wants to try our program, come risk free! We’re not charging for this FREE class!

Hoosier CrossFit 4 Year Anniversary Party! @ Hoosier CrossFit
Oct 11 @ 4:30 pm
Hoosier CrossFit 4 Year Anniversary Party! @ Hoosier CrossFit | Bloomington | Indiana | United States

HCF is turning 4! With the support and growth of our community we are happy to announce an awesome evening of FUN!

Save the date and time! More info to come!

Make sure to RSVP as we will have a special gift for everyone in attendance!

Barbells For Boobs @ Nap Town Fitness
Oct 18 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Barbells For Boobs @ Nap Town Fitness | Indianapolis | Indiana | United States

Indianapolis Barbells for Boobs Presents
“The Pink Bra Tour”
With Special Guest: Stacie Tovar

Saturday, October 18th
Heats will be running from 12pm-4pm.
(See how to register below)

NapTown Fitness
922 N. Capitol Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

(NEW LOCATION: This event will NOT be taking place at CrossFit NapTown or the Old National Center.)

Every day, one less woman, one less man, one less athlete is among us. Our goal is indeed a lofty one as we aim to achieve something life-changing for millions;

To ensure that everyone gets access to early detection services.

Together, with one unified voice, we can make a difference.

EMAIL Martin Cole:

Name: Your Name
Survivor Heat: Yes or No (Are you a Cancer survivor?)
In Memory of Heat: Yes or No (Working out for a loved one)
Weight Class: This will help determine your heat placement. (The timeline is very tentative but should give you an idea of the flow.)
95lbs (12:30-1:30pm)
135lbs (2-3pm)
185lbs (3-4pm)

65lbs (12-1pm)
95lbs (1:30pm-2:30pm)
135lbs (3-4pm)

**It is important to send this email for registration purposes and so we can share event info/details/updates**

NOTE: If you cannot make your heat with the designated weight class, PLEASE COME, we will add participants into all heats so everyone can take part.

Kipping Pull Up Workshop @ Hoosier CrossFit
Oct 19 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Kipping Pull Up Workshop @ Hoosier CrossFit | Bloomington | Indiana | United States

This 1-hour seminar is designed for anyone who struggling with the kipping pull-up technique – you may still be in bands, or perhaps, you’re transitioning from bands to unassisted. Up to 20 people can enroll for $10.

We will cover shoulder mobility, plus the skill work:
starting position
shoulder swing
the push-away
Blocking movement
Finally, linking them together
1-hour seminars (whether it’s gymnastics, mobility, or Olympic Lifting) are not magical treatments; to maintain what you learned, you must retain the important components that relate to your individual weakness, then practice daily before/after classes.

The Romp at Riddle Point @ Riddle Point Park
Nov 1 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Romp at Riddle Point @ Riddle Point Park | Unionville | Indiana | United States
The 2nd annual Romp at Riddle Point is an entry level obstacle course race supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington, co-hosted by the Indiana University Office of Outdoor Adventures and Hoosier CrossFit.The Romp is a little over 2 miles in length, stretching throughout BGC Bloomington’s scenic property on the south shore of Lake Lemon. The race features 12 obstacles, including pipe jump, tire run, and a race up a 25-foot ravine. Race participants will receive a complimentary post-race snack following completion of the heat. Additionally, participants and spectators may enjoy food from local vendors, entertainment for kids and adults provided by the National Guard, and more.There are many ways to get involved besides the actual race. Race participants have the option of fundraising for BGC Bloomington and accessing prizes for their efforts, such as a CamelBak water bottle, BGC duffel bag, or Columbia fleece. Additionally, racers or spectators may sign up to volunteer on race day.
Where:  Lake Lemon
Riddle Point Park (South Side of Lake Lemon)
7599 North Tunnel Road
Unionville, IN 47468
BEFORE Oct 1st:- $55/person OR for groups of 5 or more $40/person
AFTER Oct. 1st-$65/person OR for groups of 5 or more $50/person
The discount code when registering is TEAM.
***Note:  Each person MUST go through the website to sign up because a waiver must be completed for each person.***
How to register:  Click on the link: OR OR go to
HCF and CFB Workout/ Meet and Greet @ Hoosier CrossFit
Nov 8 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
HCF and CFB Workout/ Meet and Greet @ Hoosier CrossFit | Bloomington | Indiana | United States

Hoosier CrossFit & CrossFit Bloomington are coming together for a Saturday team WOD & meet and greet!

If you haven’t heard yet, CFB is under new ownership, with Autymn Stafford recently taking over and we all wanted to get the HCF and CFB communities together for a fun Saturday morning team WOD!


Gather at HCF just before 11am, meet and greet with both crews. Pair up in teams of HCF/CFB members working together to complete a CrossFit oriented team task!

Share with your friends and come on out for this FREE & FUN event!

Bod Pod Test @ Hoosier CrossFit
Nov 9 @ 9:00 am – 6:30 pm

Epoch Wellness will be at HCF on Sunday 11/9 to provide services to find your LBM, BF% as well as an estimate of RMR.
The appointments are inside HCF and 10 minute time frames; the assessment itself takes about 5 minutes.
It’s only $20 and we need at least 30 people to participate.
This is a GREAT price you wont’ find anywhere else!!
Non-members can register via mindbody or email

They would collect the payments on the day of the test. They accept cash and all credit cards.

You need to wear tight fitting clothes, like spandex bottoms, sports bra, bathing suit, etc. No bikini tops with knots or loose clothing.

Commit to your appointment! This professional service requires a minimum registration to come to HCF. If you skip or cancel with not enough notice, HCF will charge you for your appointment.

Visit Epoch Wellness to Learn more about Bod pod Services: