Open Registration is BACK!

Open Registration is BACK!  @ Hoosier CrossFit
January 6, 2014 @ 12:00 am – January 31, 2014 @ 1:00 am
Hoosier CrossFit

For quite some time, “Block”-style classes were something we were interested in; many CrossFit gyms have produced successful programs based on how we’ve been running the gym this past October-December. With a growing community, we wanted to find the best way to maintain our core values and manage over 200 members with the same quality as if we only had 50.

Change can be very difficult and we are truly grateful that you let us take a chance on Block Scheduling!!

After deliberation and reflection, our coaching staff has decided to reinstate the Mindbody Sign in and Sign out Registration. We encountered inefficient use of our software with our administrative systems, plus, we know our old way suited the busy lives of many who live in Bloomington. Please continue to read about signing in and signing out of classes below; some information is NEW and some is old.

How To sign in to Classes
Mindbody: SAVE this link in your Browser!! If our website goes down, you shouldn’t freak out. Save this link. There’s also an app you can get, look it up to manage your classes on the go. If you use the app, double check it on a computer to ensure it indeed canceled or registered you.

Sign in: Your email address is your username. If you don’t remember your password, click the “forget password?” link. If you are a newer member who does not have a username and password, you must email; you will not be able to register for classes.

The CrossFit Classes tab is the first thing you should see.

A. Go to, “Sign up Now.”
B. Click, “make a single reservation.”

In the past, we sent you a registration email AND cancellation email AND late cancellation email. We will ONLY send you the late cancellation emails. You will be responsible for ensuring that your schedule is accurate. You’ll see in “my info” that you can observe your current and past schedules. Double check this so you don’t get penalties (read below about the penalties). There is also a way to schedule all your classes in one click. Simply play around with this feature, but don’t mess up – or you may have to ROW.

If you try to register for a class, and it says you can’t, please email and we’ll promptly reply.

To Cancel out of a class early, simply go to “My Info,” “my schedule” and cancel the class. There are no penalties to sign out of a class early. Plus, you don’t lose your class.
Policies on registration and cancellation
*Read to notice the new changes!

Registration Policy: You can sign in 31 days in advance and up to 5 minutes before the class begins. If there’s a day you don’t know if you can make it, you CAN show up without registering, but you are required to check in at the desk or the coach to make sure there’s room for you to join.

Cancellation Policy: You can sign out of class up to 2 hours before class begins. If you skip or sign out of class within 2 hours, it is considered a “late cancel.” You lose that class, and will be sent an email with the following consequence:
When you skip class or cancel class within 2 hours of your scheduled class, your 1st offense is 1,000m row, 2nd offense is 2,000m row, 3rd offense is 3,000m. row, and so on.

Complete the penalty before your next class! You can come in anytime as long as the gym is open. You cannot attend another class until it’s made up.

Your name will be written on the whiteboard with how much you need to row; when it’s done you need to erase your name. If you’re shying away from your row, we’ll call you out on it – probably not in private.

On the 1st of each month, your record is clean – yay!

We have the row policy for “fun.” We want to ensure our community respects each other’s time, though. We will follow up with anyone who shows a trend in “no shows” or “late cancels” during particularly full class-times.

Waitlisting Details
From our history with wait listing, 3-8 people would regularly be lifted from the waitlist due to others switching out of classes. Don’t shy away from the waitlist, but you’ve gotta be on your game and check your email and class schedule for confirmations. If you want to register for a class that is full, then continue registration as usual. The system will tell you the class is full and ask if you want to waitlist.
If you get lifted from the waitlist, it will ONLY be by EMAIL.

Your email will come anytime between the time you waitlist up until at least 2 hours before class.

If you are lifted from the waitlist via email and you don’t see it, you’re responsible for the “no show,” which is a late cancel, which is a row penalty. Take note, we know when mindbody sends you an email.

You will never be sent an auto-email within 2 hours of class; if you do get an email within 2 hours, it’s because a coach manually sent the message just in case you want to show up. There are no penalties for not showing up if your email comes within 2 hours of class.

Creating our Classes Schedule
It is typical that we freely add classes when we see time frames filling up, and take classes away when we see time frames slowing down. We don’t prepare you for these changes, and you’ll just simply see your options on the class page. One day, you may see a class you normally come to, not there, and it’s typically times with low #s. If we cancel a class that you’re enrolled in that is a couple weeks away, you’ll receive an email only. If it is this week (this should rarely happen), then we will call the # on file in your Mindbody account, plus send an email.