May 13, MWF On-Ramp

May 13, 2013 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Hoosier CrossFit
501 North Rogers Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
Shaun or Jenna
(812) 340-0360

The On-Ramp CrossFit Foundations course is a pre-requisite for advancing to our regular group classes. Mon, Wed, Fri @ 11am . 5/13- 6/07.

The course is designed to cater to all ages and abilities, including:

  • athletes who have never been exposed to CrossFit
  • people who are just getting back into a fitness routine
  • anyone who thinks they have passed the age to do what we do at Hoosier CrossFit

The Details

The On-Ramp CrossFit Foundations course lasts one month (12 sessions). Sessions are taught by the owners and head trainers at Hoosier CrossFit three times each week for a total of 12 total sessions.



On Ramp is a program designed for new members to learn proper movement mechanics for safety and longevity within our program.  Our coaches are highly skilled to provide you with quality training. You are registering for a set of 12 classes that take place on specific days and times. On Ramp is a program in which we cap the class to 10 to provide personal training in a small group, and for this reason, we do not refund once the commitment is made.

You can miss up to 3 On Ramp classes; If you must miss more than 4 classes, please contact to explore your needs and options.
Membership After On Ramp:
Contracts will auto-renew to CrossFit classes unless we receive notification to terminate your contract. Every new client begins with our basic 12-class package after On Ramp. If you want to attend more classes, let us know before On Ramp concludes. We will send you an email during On Ramp to remind you of our policies.