Masters Invitational Competition

April 13, 2013 @ 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Hoosier CrossFit
501 North Rogers Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
(812) 340-0360

Hoosier CrossFit presents:
Masters Invitational 2013

Who is this event for? This is a great opportunity for the Master’s group to shine; this event is for all ages over 40!  The environment is supportive and electrifying.   All athletes with a competitive edge and prescribed loads will benefit from this competition. In addition, we take pride in helping all individuals feel comfortable by scaling to your needs.  ** Each age category will reflect varying prescribed loads and skill levels**  You will be accomplishing 3 WODS; the top 6 athletes in each category will compete in the Championship Round.

How to Register: You will Register for your Sex/Age Category

Male 40-49, Male 50-59, Male 60+

Female 40-49, Female 50-59, Female 60+

Establish a username/password on this site; upon registration you’ll pay $50.

Workout RX Expectations

WOD #1:
12 min clock: (scored as 2 separate events.)

P1. 1 mile run time trial. (fastest time)
P2. with remaining time develop a 3 rm touch and go deadlift. (max weight)***

*scaling: If someone cannot run, they can row 2000m. then begin the deadlift, BUT this will put them into the scaled category and cannot move onto the championship round.
***If in the case an athlete reaches a maximum load of all the plates that are available to the athletes station a tie break will be completed by doing as many reps as possible of touch and go deadlifts with all the plates that are available to that specific age category.


WOD #2:

AMRAP 5 min: (Max reps)
2 box jumps or steps, 2 thrusters
4 box jumps, 4 thrusters
6 box jumps, 6 thrusters
8 box jumps, 8 thrusters… continuing as far as possible in 5 min.

Age 40-49. M: 95# F: 65#
Age 50-59. M: 85# F: 55#
Age 60+ M: 75# F: 45#

Box Jump/Steps:
ALL ages. M: 24” F: 20”

*scaling: If someone cannot complete the prescribed load or range of motion requirements, they can scale load/movement, BUT this will put them into the scaled category and cannot move onto the championship round.
Same goes for box jumps/steps.

WOD #3:

4 rounds for time. 15 min cap.
4 x 24′ shuttle sprint (each length counts as 1 rep= 4 total)
8 pullups***
12 pushup w/hand release
16 abmat situps
20 double-unders

*Scaling: pullups can be scaled to a banded pull-up, pushups can be scaled to knees, situps cannot be scaled, double-unders can be scaled to 20 singles, BUT this will put them into the scaled category and cannot move onto the championship round.
***The 60+ age division will be doing jumping pull-ups rather than kipping:
The pull-up bar should be setup so it is at least 6 inches above the top of the Athlete’s head when standing tall. At the bottom, the Athlete must lower herself so her arms are fully extended. At the top, chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar.

Championship WOD:
After 3 events the top 6 from each category will move onto 1 more workout for the finals. This workout will be announced after the 3rd workout the day of the event.

This is a fun Invitational in which further modifications can be scaled including substituting rowing for running, band pull-ups, single-unders, using lesser weight etc.



All Registrants will receive a T-shirt. Females registering will receive female-fitted T.


Friday 4/12/13: Early Check-in from 5-7pm

Saturday 4/13/13: Registration is 6:30am-7:30am

  • Athlete Meeting from 7:40am-7:50am
  • Duration of event 8am-5pm

Miscellaneous Info

  • A portion of this event will sponsor “IU DPT Without Borders” mission trip.
  • Parking is FREE on the street and the lot next to our building.
  • Food from Bloomingfoods deli will be available for purchase.
  • We WILL have plenty of seating available.


501 N. Rogers Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47404. We are centrally located in downtown, Bloomington.