CampusFit’s “Buff-N-Brew!”

November 7, 2012 @ 4:00 pm – November 7, 2012 @ 10:00 pm
Upland Brewing Co.
350 W 11th St
Bloomington, IN 47404
$40 per team of 4.
Jeremy Shih

Join us for good food (mmm Upland), good times/prizes (individual + team WOD via Hoosier CrossFit for a chance to win a keg, gift certs, + more), and bad ass beats (we’re flying in DJ Audio from VA) for our FALL FUNDRAISER!!!!!

For registration, visit

The deetzzz:

When: 4pm (late registration for obstacle course begins), November 7, 2012Where: Parking lot, restaurant, back deck, and banquet hall of Upland Brewing Co. 350 West 11th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404

What: CampusFit was founded over a year ago with a simple aim in mind: affect the health and vitality of college students for generations to come. In just one short year, we’ve garnered the attention of USAToday, Yahoo! News, and many other national media outlets for our vision of change. Recently, we were chosen out of a world-wide applicant pool to be a founding fellow of LinkedIn’s “The Start-Up of You,” an international network of student entrepreneurs.

How: CampusFit is changing the lives of countless students by becoming the go-to resource for a fun and fresh, sustainable lifestyle during college and beyond. In addition to a socially interactive web presence, we will offer innovative, niche-specific tools (revolutionary mobile App – to be unveiled at event) and resources to both students direct and the colleges themselves (welcome week materials, pre-registration health modules). Lastly, our forthcoming book “The NEW Freshman 15,” will raise awareness and build brand affinity through the college speaking circuit/book tour.

In order to see our vision through to the next level, we need your help!

Why: Do you know anyone in your life that has either gone to college, is going to college, or will go to college? Perhaps this is you and you understand firsthand the inherent challenges of balancing the rigors of college and a healthy lifestyle.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, if only I had known this (referring to fitness or healthy lifestyle habit) back in college, I wouldn’t be undoing years of misinformation or damage?”

Did you know that the current generation of college students will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents?

This is the current state of affairs here in America. Obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular-related ailments are not only being dealt with within youth or aging populations but right here, right now with college students. If we are not able to turn the tide against current trends, this generation of college students (and many more after) will crush and obliterate our American health system.

“College is the first and last time to make good or bad habits stick for life.” – Jeremy Shih, co-founder of CampusFit

CampusFit realizes that “the best four years of your life” is a crucial time. It’s the first time that you are fully in charge of your lifestyle; it’s not dictated by parents. It may also be the last time you are able to shape your routine with relative ease (no constraints of work, family, etc.). These small, everyday lifestyle choices will have a major impact on your lifelong wellbeing and functionality.

Who: You!

Students: Come show how important being young and vibrant and alive is to the entire world by entering our Hoosier CrossFit obstacle course! You can either enter individually or as a team of 4. The Individual with the best time will win a $50 gift certificate to Upland Brewing Co. The Team with the best time will receive an entire pony KEG graciously donated by our host, Upland.*

Faculty/Staff: This is about who you care about and why you do what you do. Your students give you so much life…here’s your chance to give back to them! It’d mean so much to them if you, your school, or your department came out and represented in full force for this noble cause.

Businesses/Organizations: We all know that Bloomington is a/THE college town. Your livelihood is greatly impacted by the vitality of college students. The college students of today will become your employees of tomorrow. Why not take a proactive “first-step” towards community wellness by being seen as a company who takes initiative when it comes to healthy lives? Join us in this mission.

Cost: $10 entry fee for each individual participant. $40 entry fee for each student organization that competes in the obstacle course. $35 “early registration” fee if you RSVP by Halloween (October 31st)!

Visit to register now!