2013 Winter Rendezvous

December 7, 2013 @ 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Hoosier CrossFit
501 North Rogers Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
$120 per team

Hoosier CrossFit Presents:
2nd Annual Winter Rendezvous!WR2013


WOD 1: Video

AMRAP 14 min
1 person working at a time, can split reps up in any manner (but weight must be changed out by athletes in the M/F division for partner to begin work on deadlifts)

3 rounds: 25 deadlifts (115,165#), 25 pullups, 50 double-unders
3 Rounds: 20 Deadlifts (135,225#) 20 burpees- jump to a bumper plate, 40 double-unders
3 Rounds: 15 Deadlifts (165,255#), 15 toes-bar, 30 double-unders

*if the final round of the above is finished in under the 14 min time frame, teams will begin back on the first 3 rounds of work at the lighter deadlift. every rep counts.
*partners must also physically tag team partners hand before moving onto next reps/movement etc. if changing positions.

WOD 2: video

10 min to develop 1 rm ‘bear complex’ for both partners.
*each team will have 1-45# bar + a full set of plates totaling 320#.

Bar must begin from the floor with plates loaded and clamps on bar. Bar can be power cleaned or full cleaned, but must touch shoulders in receiving position, and then pass through full depth squat. after standing from squat barbell will then travel from shoulder-overhead by thruster, strict press, pushpress, pushjerk, split jerk and have control of bar with feet together, then lower bar to back rack position and complete 1 back squat, after standing will then perform 1 back rack-overhead in same manner as from the front rack. Once they have control of the bar overhead bar can be dropped and a score can be acquired of whatever the weight on the bar is.

Partners may take as many attempts and can go up or down in weight as needed throughout the 10 min. Total score is both partners weights combined.

WOD 3: video

AMRAP 6 min. (scored in 2 parts)

Partner 1 begins on rower and rows 500m. for time to the tenth of a second.
While Partner 1 is rowing, P2 is performing the following:
ascending ladder of thrusters and box jumps
1 thrusters (65,95#), 1 box jumps (20,24”)
2 thrusters, 2 box jumps
3 thrusters, 3 box jumps…
Once P1 finishes on the rower, P2 will then row 500m. for time and P1 will pick up where P2 left off on the thruster and box jumps

If both partners complete the row in under the 6 min time frame they may both work together on continuing with the thruster/box jump portion, working one person at a time, switching whenever needed.

Final score is 1. the AVERAGE of both partners on the 500m. row.
and 2. the total reps completed on the thrusters/box jumps

– – – – – – – – – –

We are presenting a 2 person partner competition where you will choose your division: male-male, male-female, female-female teams. You will be accomplishing 3 WODS; the top 6 teams in each category will compete in the Championship Round.
(Some workouts will have multiple scored workouts)

This years event will be the same as last year: 1 day, 30 teams per category, held right here at Hoosier CrossFit in Bloomington, Indiana!

How to Register:

  1. Choose a “Team Captain”
  2. This person will purchase and reserve a spot for $120 for the team by going to “BUY TICKETS” at the top of this page or the link provided.  During registration, you’ll create an athlete profile through our mindbody registration, and choose your T-shirt size in the checkout.
  3. Email events@hoosiercrossfit.com with the following information:
  • The team captain’s name (you)
  • Your division (mm,ff,mf)
  • The name of your BOX and partner’s, if different
  • Your partner’s Full Name
  • Mailing Address (theirs, not yours)
  • Email address (theirs, not yours)
  • phone number (theirs, not yours)
  • T-shirt size (theirs, not yours)

Register by November 18 to ensure you get the T size you want.
Refunds: We will refund you contingent on filling your spot.

Partner Switches: email events@hoosiercrossfit.com with the name of your old partner and the name of your new partner. We will NOT change the T-shirt size and you can rummage through the extras the day of the event.

Registrants will receive a T-shirt. Females registering will receive female-fitted T.
We will have amazing vending with our local, fresh Bloomingfoods!
Cash prizes & goodies for top finishers!

Friday 12/6

Early Check-in from 6-8pm
Saturday 12/7

Check-in from 6:30am-7:30am
Athlete Meeting from 7:40am-7:50am
Duration of event 8am-6pm

Miscellaneous Info

Location: 501 N. Rogers Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47404. We are centrally located in downtown, Bloomington.
Movement standards will be posted at www.hoosiercrossfit.com, and Facebook on Wednesday prior to the event.
If we have heat assignments, I’ll email the team captain. If I don’t, I won’t email you.