Summer Paleo Challenge

July 7, 2013 @ 12:00 am – 1:00 am


Get ready for our next 6-week paleo challenge!   We challenge you to eat meat, veggies, nuts, seeds and fruit in a variety of creative ways to increase your athletic potential and lose inches!

Details about the Paleo Challenge

  • June 30th is a Free Paleo Meeting at 5pm to learn WHY PALEO INCREASES YOUR WELLNESS and MORE ABOUT THE CHALLENGE
  • You will eat strict paleo for 6 weeks!!! Go to the “What to Eat” page to learn about what you can eat during our challenge.
  • Before and After we will take measurements,  before/after pictures, a strength workout, and a conditioning workout.  All these (except for pictures) need to be posted in your Journal under a new journal post named “Results.” You’ll register for 15 minute appointments the week before the challenge.
  • You will earn Nutrition points by recording daily food intake everyday through Penzu online journals!
  • Heather and Jenna will provide feed back 2-3 times in your Journals in how to improve portioning, etc.
  • You will earn Lifestyle points by attending class, playing sports, doing mobility, and practicing skills.
  • Every other week we will host a paleo pitch-in and group meeting.
  • Every other week we will host a community outing with a local business
  • You’ll earn small prizes throughout the challenge for your engagement and participation!

What’s in it for you?

Other than gaining strength and endurance and losing inches around your whole body, the paleo challenge is an opportunity to do this 100%.  Anyone can do it on their own; anyone can do CrossFit on their own, too.  We achieve greater results when we work together.  Plus, Heather and Jenna make the whole process engaging from start to finish with community programs, paleo pitch ins,  raffled prizes and great guidance on your paleo path.

Cost: $50 per person.

Reward: At least 6 need to register for a reward of $100; the more people that register, the larger the cash prize.

How do you win the challenge?

What if you lose inches but lose no weight? What if you get stronger by 10 lbs in your benchmark strength and lose 2 minutes off your benchmark cardio workout?  What if you get stronger by 20lbs in your benchmark strength but lose 30 seconds off your benchmark cardio workout.  In the past, we made the best educated decision with all the facts.  This time, we will have a mathematical spreadsheet that will take in your measurements from the Before and After results and pointing system so we dont’ have to make educated guesses, but have real data to expose the winners!!