the rest of our livesWOD:
A. Snatch skill work for todays session:
B. EMOM x 10 min:
1 Sn. pull + 1 Sn. (high hang-hip) + 1 Sn. (low hang-below knee)
(increasing weight each min/2 min)

Extra Credit: EMOM x 10:
odd: 10 strict toes-bar/knee raises.
even: 10 strict dips (less assistance/weight added if possible)

Saturday and Sunday

Sat. March 7.
9-10a: Open Gym
9:30-10a: Mobility Class
10a: FREE CrossFit Light Class, you are welcome to invite friends!
10-11a: Olympic lifting.
11-12p: FREE team WOD (members only)
12-12:30p: Mobility Class

Sun. March 8.
4pm: Open Gym/ 15.2 Re-do-makeup


We had a great turn out last Friday for 15.1! Let's keep it going for 15.2 tonight at 6pm!

We had a great turn out last Friday for 15.1! Let’s keep it going for 15.2 tonight at 6pm!

NO Evening classes- Open 15.2 @ 6pm!
A1. Hang Snatch Skill work
A2. EMOM x 10 min:
1 Sn. Deadlift + 1 Sn. pull (knee) + 1 Sn. (knee)
(increasing weight each min/2 min)
Extra Credit: EMOM x 10: Odd min: 10 GHD/abmat sit-ups Even min: 10 GHD/superman back ext.


“As cliché as it may seem, the saying “a goal without a plan is just a wish” rings very true in this sense. You can set all the lofty goals you want but if you don’t have the bravery to pursue them through a plan and a real all-out work ethic, then you’ll be just like the rest of them, wishing you had something better and making half-hearted efforts to fool yourself and your friends into thinking you’re really dedicated by making some BS Instagram post about how you’re on #TeamNoDaysOff or some other nonsense.”
Do You Have the Courage to be Great?

A. Front Squat (pause for 3 seconds):
5 rounds x 3 reps
Begin around 50-60% of 1 rm and increasing by feel each round
(rest 2-3 min between each work set)

B. PRACTICE for 10-12 minutes:
Kipping Handstand Push Up Progression Pt.1
Kipping Handstand Push Up Progression Pt.2


New Mobility classes!
On Saturdays at 9:30am and Noon! This 30 minute class will help improve your range of motion. The first Saturday is upper body/shoulders/thoracic spine, and the 2nd Saturday is lower body/squatting, and the 3rd Saturday is lower body/hamstring.
Sign up here

4 Rounds for time: (20 min. cap)
10 Power clean (65,95#)
10 Front Squat
10 shoulder-overhead
*Anytime you drop the barbell perform 5 burpees


These Pipes are about to burst

A1. Clean & push jerk skill work

A2. EMOM x 10 min:
1 Clean DL + 1 Clean pull (knee) + 1 Clean (knee) + 1 push jerk
(increasing weight each min/2 min)

Extra Credit: EMOM x 10: odd min: 10 heavy russian KB swings. even min: 5 strict pull-ups.


“The work ethic needed to push past limitations and physically improve the human body is truly humbling. You can’t fake it. Every measure of progress is earned through an accumulation of hard efforts. Sticking to a diet takes will power, sacrifice, and restraint. Getting up at 6 in the morning to train takes discipline. You won’t succeed at either unless you’re fully committed to the idea that this is what you want to do.”
Fitness Is The Good Life

EMOM x 20 min
Min 1: Double-under practice
Min 2: Bottoms up KB carry (alternating arms each width of room)
Min 3: 10 (5 per side) Weighted step ups onto box (barbell on back rack- light load-good positioning)
Min 4: Crossover symmetry activation x 5-8 reps of 1-2 movements
Repeat for 5 rounds total for 20 min.

Saturday and Sunday

Sat. Feb. 28.

9-10a: open gym.
930-10a: NEW mobility class!
10-11a: olympic lifting
1030am: FREE Hoosier CrossFit Kids workout and at 11am for our Adults FREE community workout!

Sun. March 1.

4p: 15.1 makeup/ open gym


Larchmont: Friday Night Lights - CrossFit Open WOD 15
NO Evening classes- Open 15.1 @ 6pm!


OTM x 30 (Goal with this is continuous movement, even while “resting”, you should be walking around for active rest movement)

Min 1: 10 Russian swings (moderate-heavy)

Min 2: DB/KB reverse alternating lunges x 10 total

Min 3: Crossover symmetry activation x 5-8 reps of 1-2 movements.

(Repeat through for 10 rounds of each movement)


We can train youWOD:
A1. Snatch skill work
A2. OTM x 10:
1 Sn. Deadlift + 1 high hang snatch
(increasing weight every min/2min)

Extra Credit:
OTM x 10:
odd min: 5 strict pull-ups,
even min: 5 strict dips