Skill: Review pistol skill work.
P1. Front Squat 80% x 3 (reps) x 5 (rounds) *warmup to working loads in sets of 2-3 reps at 50,60,70%.
P2. ‘1/2 Mary’ AMRAP 10 min:
5 Handstand pushups
10 Pistols (alternating legs)
15 pullups


11a. Team WOD. ‘Jerry: Run 1 mile, row 2k, Run 1 mile.
*2 person teams, partners run together, share work on the rower, then run together.


Health & Nutrition (Paleo) Seminar today at 4pm!

Join Hoosier CrossFit @ Hoosier CrossFit from 4-6pm on Sunday, Jan. 29 to discuss how you can make a change in your health & nutrition.
Cost for seminar: $10.

This seminar will also kick off Hoosier CrossFit’s Paleo Challenge beginning Jan. 30- Feb. 29.
Cost for 1 month challenge: $20

Special Guest Speaker Scott Taulman, D.C. will speak on the following topics:
The Paleo Diet:
+Going Against the Grain
+Why eat a Paleo diet?
+What should I eat?
+macro and micro nutrients
+omega 3 to 6 ratio
+glycemic index and insulin
+Good books to reference for support