Mike C.


Mike first joined On Ramp in November of 2012 and it began as a humbling experience, desperate for change.  He knew that his flexibility and strength needed to be improved, but more importantly, CrossFit was his last resort to get rid of striking pain in his IT band.

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Mike 1

I’ve been crossfitting for just over a year and can honestly say it’s helped me in ways I could never have imagined a short time ago. Like many people, I come from a reasonably athletic background. I ran track competitively at the state level in high school and was even able to continue into college before multiple knee injuries forced me to quit. At this point I did what most young men invariably do at some point and hit the weight room to try and stay “in-shape.” I saw great results doing this and would likely have stayed with it for years in happy ignorance if not for a surprise visit from my brother Austin.

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Molly W: 2013 Success Story

When Molly first came to Hoosier CrossFit, she didn’t know what she knows now: that she is capable of doing anything she sets her mind to. After her stroke 13 years ago, she had to get along in life while one side of her body had no feeling; this made many movements feel impossible to achieve. Fast forward a year later, she’s doing things her body was unable to do: jump roping, jumping onto 4″ targets, performing pull-ups, running and more! She is our 2013 Success story because we are inspired by her diligence in never giving up.

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