6 Week programming Cycle

WHAT_IS_BLACK-smallAs members of HCF you get a program that actually makes sense due to the time, effort and commitment I (Shaun) have put into learning and growing through movement and programming to better your overall fitness to build a strong individual and community of athletes.

Each 6 weeks my goal as the head trainer/programmer is to design a workload to better your performance in a specific skill set/loading/time frame, while still getting better at CrossFit as a whole (GPP: General Physical Preparedness).

This specific 6 weeks (Monday Jan. 20- Friday Feb. 28, 2014) our goal is to improve upon standard CrossFit movements and work capacity coming into the CF games open which begins the first weekend of March.

First. What is the Open?!

“The 2014 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. Everyone in the world is invited to compete in five workouts over five weeks, posting their scores online in real time. Last year, almost 140,000 athletes competed in the Open.

Every Open workout needs to be validated to count. Competitors will have two options to validate their performances. They can work out at a local affiliate, where they will be judged in person, or they can submit video evidence of their performance to the entire community. There is no limit to the number of attempts an athlete can make, provided the score is submitted prior to the close of each week.

Competitors will be ranked both worldwide and by region. The fittest 48 men, 48 women, and 30 teams from each region will earn invitations to one of 17 Regionals. This is the first chance athletes will have in 2014 to establish their international standings.”

Currently our HCF team for the open comprises over 30 members and growing everyday. These individuals vary from just starting at HCF through our competitive athletes who have been training with us for 3 years. We will be meeting every Friday night at 7pm to complete/compete in the open workouts every week in March! Get hyped and get signed up with team HCF!

To prep everyone for the open and build a strong base of work capacity (aka: get more work done faster) I have developed this 6 weeks to work on those movements and time frames that come up regularly during the open season, those being but not limited to; air squats, thrusters, wall ball, pushups, pull-ups, toes-bar, box jumps, double-unders, burpees, deadlift, presses, light-moderate load olympic lifts and in time frames that range from 6-20 min.

To be able to see gains its important that you have a baseline from your start and then retest that baseline after training. So at the beginning of this cycle we tested an open workout from the 2012 open season 12.3:
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 24″ box
115 pound Push press, 12 reps
9 Toes-to-bar
After our 6 weeks of training through these different movements and time domains we will revisit this workout and re-test our fitness to see how much improvement we have developed through this training cycle.
*If you have questions or would like to know more about specifics on my programming philosophies or ideas just ask me in the gym or shoot me an email to shaun@hoosiercrossfit.com

During this cycle you will be experiencing a higher amount of volume of exercises/reps/workload due to the nature of the open programming. Its imperative that you eat, hydrate, mobilize and sleep well during these 6 weeks to stay healthy and performing well during this time.

NOTE ABOUT ACTIVE RECOVERY – The activity selected must be restorative for you. It can also be an opportunity to work on a skill (like swimming or rowing), but the effort expended should leave you feeling energized at the end of the session, not depleted. I would also always prefer to see active recovery done as soon after rising as possible on the active recovery days. It’s an opportunity to start some blood flowing and aid your recovery.

Mobility and Maintenance
* Choose 1-2 Thoracic Mobility Drills from Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD and spend 5-10 minutes with them.
* Choose 2-3 Lower Body Mobility Drills from Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD and spend 10-12 minutes with them.
* Choose 1-2 Upper Extremity Mobility Drills from Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD and spend 5-10 minutes with them.
– AND/OR –
* Body work from a licensed body worker (ART, Graston, acupuncture, etc…)

Inflammation Maintenance
* This could be a lot of things, but think in terms of compression, contrast baths, salt baths, castor oil packs, etc….

Nutrition Preparation
* Ensure that you have quality foods prepared in the appropriate quantities to fuel your efforts for the remainder of the week.

Mental Restoration
* Different for everyone – could be meditation or could be gathering with friends; the key is to engage in activities that make your life full and help you recharge your batteries.

Coaches Corner

Welcome to the HCF Coaches Corner! Each Sunday one of the HCF coaches will make a blog post to talk about whatever they have on their minds to share with the community!

By Coach Heather

“But I don’t like vegetables”

“But I don’t like vegetables.” Do your kids ever tell you this? I am almost 25 years old with no kids and I hear this quote every time we are about to start a paleo challenge from grown men and women. They don’t like to eat vegetables. I am not sure what it is about those nasty, flavorless things that grow from nature that these people do not seem to like. I will admit, the pre paleo Heather thought broccoli and cheese, microwaved out of a bag was good for me- I was kinda close…kinda. Growing up, I was not a fan of vegetables, my mom would put carrots in our lunch boxes but I would never eat them. On holidays we had a green bean casserole, oh- and that dish with the sweet potatoes, brown sugar and marshmellows on top! Those are vegetables right? Nope, I was wrong.

I also will admit, when I first started this ‘paleo diet’ I was one of those fruit and nut only paleo dieters- not good either. So what is it with vegetables? Why can’t we seem to like them? Is it that we know they are good for us and we are rebelling against our bodies? Or maybe it is the way they taste? We are so use to the sweetness of soda, those homemade chocolate chips cookies that melt in our mouth, and the juiciness fruit has that vegetables just taste so bland.

But did you know all of these vegetables contain varying amounts of Vitamins A, K, and B6? Vegetables also hold a great variety of other phytochemicals that may enclose antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Diets containing vegetables may also help lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. They can also help protect the body against some cancers and decrease bone loss. Isn’t this amazing? So remind me why we don’t like our vegetables? That’s right, I couldn’t remember either. If you are unsure how to incorporate those veggies into your diet here are some ways that may help:

1.      Add green onions, spinach, cherry tomatoes and mushroom to your scrambled eggs or omelet. This makes a perfect breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner…. eat it whenever you want!

2.      Use lettuce leaves to prepare tasty grain-free wraps! Add meat, seasonings, bacon and homemade mayo if desired.

3.      Use Portobello mushroom caps to make a gourmet grain-free bison or grass-fed beef burger. Top it with lettuce, tomatoes and bacon and accompany it with a salad or sweet potato fries!

4.      Use grilled eggplant slices or Portobello mushroom caps as the base of your grain-free, dairy-free pizza. Top with onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and meat. Drizzle with oil and fresh herbs before serving. If you tolerate dairy, you can sprinkle your pizza with cheese made from the milk of pastured, grass-fed cows.

5.      Serve mashed cauliflower (cooked, mashed, seasoned and mixed with coconut oil, butter or ghee) or try cauli-rice (grated raw cauliflower, sautéed in coconut oil) as a side dish.

6.      Use spaghetti squash or sliced zucchini to serve your spaghetti sauce over for a vegetable-rich grain-free pasta dish. Make sure you add plenty of onions, garlic, carrot, celery, mushroom and other veggies to your sauce.

7.      Make yourself a BIG salad! You can go the conventional route by using leafy greens, cucumber, avocado, green onions and tomatoes or prepare a salad with other raw or cooked vegetables, such as broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage or green beans! Drizzle with a homemade vinaigrette (simply mix about equal amounts of extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar).

8.      Fill up your slow-cooker with a big chunk of meat and a variety of vegetables to have an all-in-one meal. Your slow-cooker will become your best friend and will help you follow your Paleo diet. Onions, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and butternut squash compliment slow-cooked meats very well, but be creative and experiment with other options.

9.      Snack on raw or cooked vegetables. Dip your celery, carrot and cucumber stick in a guacamole or enjoy cooked broccoli or green beans drizzled with ghee, coconut oil, butter or extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic dressing.

10. Accompany your grass-fed bison burger, free-range wild boar steak or wild-caught sardines with a generous helping of roasted, naturally sweet tasting vegetables. Put Brussels sprouts, carrots, broccoli, onions, asparagus or butternut squash in a large baking dish, drizzle with ghee or coconut oil and sprinkle with crystal salt. Bake at 400-425°F (200-220°C), stirring occasionally, for about 30 minutes or until cooked and slightly golden. For a quicker option, sauté your veggies in plenty of lard, bacon fat, ghee or coconut oil, season and serve with your meal.

Challenge yourself to eat more vegetables every day!


Eat your Veggies!

Eat your Veggies!

Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Welcome to the HCF Coaches Corner! Each Sunday one of the HCF coaches will make a blog post to talk about whatever they have on their minds to share with the community!

By Coach Jenna

“When you’re in a Slump,
you’re not in for much fun.
Un-slumping yourself
is not easily done.”
– Dr. Seuss. Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Everyone, at some point in life, will have endured a slump.  The person standing next to you may be in a slump right now.  Slumps will appear in a variety of ways with a variety of feelings for any length of time. We could all agree, however, when you’re in a slump, un-slumping is not easily done.


Back in high school, I had a tiny realization that turned into a large overhaul of how I saw life: You can either change what’s happening in the present or you can’t.  What I realized, is we can change a lot of things.  Changing the way I thought and how I reacted to events is how I helped my way out of slumps.Getting out of your training slump depends on who you are and why you’re in the slump. But, we know deep down what to do, and we just need some tough lovin’.

Getting out of the food slump:

 You are 100% responsible for the food you put in your mouth.  I’ve heard all kinds of excuses about your kids, husband, social gatherings, traveling, and more. You are in TOTAL control.  If you want progress, eat better.  If you don’t want progress, don’t eat better. We’re not judgmental when you make your choice and own it.  If you want to get out of that slump and do something about it, Join the 6-week Paleo Challenge this July 7!
Getting out of the attendance slump
There are people in the gym who do unbelievable things to make sure they get to CrossFit.   These people have kids just like you and work all day just like you.  Sometimes they are tired and make tricky situations work, but they want progress; that’s all.  If you choose dinner with family, then that’s what you choose; with this, you also choose to maintain your fitness.  When you look over at someone getting a PR you cannot be jealous because you’ve chosen to maintain. If your a mom that wants to get out of that slump, then 1 day a week is Dinner with Daddy!  If your someone who just needs nudge, join a CrossFit competition to hold yourself accountable to attendance!!
Getting out of the PR slump plus preventing injury
You may already be that hard worker, doing your nutrition right, but still want more PRs. When you improve flexibility and movement, you will have more efficiency within cardio workouts and gain more strength in your lifts.  If a coach has told you to do a specific mobility piece everyday, it’s because you’ll probably PR and prevent injury if it’s fixed.  Did you know, 98% of “injuries” occur because of inflexibility and poor movement?  Get out of that slump.  Ask a coach what you can work on, then come 10 minutes early and stay 10 minutes late for mobility, OR see Dr. Pribble for help! He can help pin-point your tough issues.Happy Wodding!





Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Welcome to the 3rd installment of the HCF Coaches Corner! Each Sunday one of the HCF coaches will make a blog post to talk about whatever they have on their minds to share with the community!

Choices- By Coach Heather

When I was little my dad would occasionally take my sister and I to Baskin Robins for ice cream. We would walk in and could pick out anything we wanted. My sister would take a look at all of the ice cream flavors and immediately pick out a flavor that was out of the ordinary rocky road, mint chocolate chip, or cookies and cream . I however would walk up and down the line the flavors, pacing back and forth, debating between 8 different kinds of ice cream. After 5 minutes and holding up the entire line I would walk out with the classic, vanilla. I did this every time and would end up driving my family nuts. This is not the only time in my life I have had trouble making choices.

All throughout high school and into my adulthood I was always indecisive. When it came to which classes to take, I had trouble making choices; deciding whether to go out with my friends or not, I had trouble making choices; picking out a college to attend, I had trouble making choices; choosing an outfit to wear, I had trouble making choices; this became a common theme in my life. One evening while talking to my dad, the smartest man I know, I was justifying one of my poor choices, he simply sighed and said, “Heather, it’s all about the choices you make in life that determine your outcome,” something about those words clicked in my head. I had to stop blaming everyone else for my poor choices, own it, learn from it, and be better next time.

I hear my dad’s voice in my head when it comes to the daily choices I make. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and all I want to do is sleep in another hour, but instead I get up and start my day so I can be at the gym early. When I workout, I have the choice to 1. Not do it, 2. Go through the motions or 3. Be a badass, I make the choice to be #3 all the time. When I get home from work, I could easily run upstairs take a shower and go to bed, but instead I make the choice to sit on the couch with my dad and talk about the ups and down’s of my day.

The choices we make in life determine our outcome, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. Are you the kind of person who is going to make the choice to go to the gym even though you saw the WOD was a 5K? Or are you going to cancel and make an excuse as to why you cannot run? What about when you get home from work, will you make the choice to spend time with your family? Or will you sit in front of the T.V. and tune out everyone else around you? Lastly, will you make the choice to wake up and be happy? Or will you choose to let yesterday’s worries rain on today’s parade? Whatever it is in life you choose, you write the ending to your story. I hope you choose to end your story with a smile.


Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Welcome to the 2nd installment of the HCF Coaches Corner! Each Sunday one of the HCF coaches will make a blog post to talk about whatever they have on their minds to share with the community!

The Pursuit of Happiness- By Coach Kyle

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

As a child, my response never wavered, never changed.  When I think about my childhood, the memories that stand out to me are the ones that were made at late night soccer practice, or at the excitement of having two P.E. periods in one week.  I’d always be the last to leave the fields at recess.

What did I want to be when I grew up?  I wanted to be a professional soccer player.  Even when I reached middle school, my favorite subject was physical education. At 8am I’d be dressed and ready to go with my AXE in tow. In high school though, P.E. classes year-round were a thing of the past. At the start of freshman year I was on crutches sidelined with a knee injury sustained in a soccer game. At the time, I was relegated to a desk in a health class, which suited me just fine until I could get back on my feet next semester in a personal fitness class.

But for that semester, without any kind of physical activity, I was able to take stock of other areas in my life that weren’t making me the person I wanted to become. Mentally I wasn’t in a great place, and I gaining weight like nobody’s business. (I weighed more in high school than I do now!) Discipline and diet were easy enough to ignore when I was sweating out on the field.  Only after being forced to pause and take a look at myself did I notice these were problems.  It was at that point that I made just one little lifestyle change. I gradually cut out soda.  (Hard to imagine now, but the only time I ever drank water was occasionally during soccer practices and at the school water fountains.)

Now this story is not about how drinking water led me to becoming a happier person. It’s about making the change to become a happier you. When backed into a corner or put in circumstances that are not the most desirable, you have to make the most of it. Once I returned to playing soccer I lost 40 pounds and was in the best shape of my life. I could run for hours and that accomplishment made me happy. Moreover, being the best soccer player I could be made me happy.

Throughout high school and even to this day I’ve always turned to the one thing that’s given me hope and a purpose. Even if your source of happiness isn’t readily available and at your fingertips – whether it’s a person or a thing – then at least seek out what’s causing you sadness and take the needed steps to alter the course. Sadness is fleeting but happiness lasts a lifetime.  Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

pursuit of happiness

Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Welcome to the first installment of the HCF Coaches Corner! Each Sunday one of the HCF coaches will make a blog post to talk about whatever they have on their minds to share with the community!

‘Going through the motions’- By Shaun.

go through the motions (idioms dictionary)

Fig. to make a feeble effort to do something; to do something insincerely or in cursory fashion. ‘Jane isn’t doing her best. She’s just going through the motions.’ ‘Bill was supposed to be raking the yard, but he was just going through the motions.’
We find ourselves from time to time just, “going through the motions” of everyday life, from the point of waking up and going through the same old routine, going to work/school and shuffling through the endless piles of paperwork/busy work, going to the gym and doing ‘kind of what the coach says’, but not with your full effort.
The mechanics of life should not be confused with the content of life. It’s easy to go through the motions: get up in the morning, brush your teeth and begin the day with a calm and self-assured outward appearance. I know how to say the right things and what to do, and not to do, that will create a favorable impression. I know how to feign that I’m engaged and interested, but underneath the polished exterior theres something more.
What separates those who are ‘going through the motions’ vs. those who are excited and living for more?
We need to be honest when the realization smacks us in the face that we are moving, but not really going anywhere. It’s time to be real with ourselves, No more pretending, No more going through the motions. It’s time to take hold and begin living with excitement and zeal.
Here are 3 things I suggest you add to your life to make you feel alive and excited to pursue the day ahead rather than trudge through the daily grind as you did yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that… you get the picture. 

1. Try 1 new thing everyday.
A. Try a new food for breakfast you would have thought you would NEVER eat- excite your senses and make your palette and mind see the possibilities of new food.
B. Help out a co-worker/classmate with a task you have seen them struggling on and really work at making a difference.
C. Show up early/stay late at the gym and work on what scares you. Ex: 100 wall balls for time :).
2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
If your only ever doing what your used to and comfortable with, there will never be a new excitement to make you sit on the edge of your seat with that wide eye and fluttering heart feeling. As you go through #1, decide on making it something that may scare you, or think you may not be able to do. Stepping into the unknown and accomplishing what you thought would be impossible builds new confidence and excitement in your every day life!3. Share and bring others into your new excitement.
By being part of something new with someone else (or a community of people) It will help to keep you, and the others your involved with, excited to pursue your new exciting things! Sharing the new projects or work ideas with your co-workers/classmates, doing something new or exciting with your family and loved ones, or starting a new routine or trying a new movement at the gym with your buddy, will all help you to stay committed to your new ideas and share in your successes with each other.

So whatever your daily ‘motions’ are currently, find a way to spice it up and share in the pursuit with someone else who can build you up and be part of your new excitement.
At life- live to the fullest with hard work and dedication , at work-deligently pursue that project or task and show your boss you care about what you do, at the gym- dominate that Backsquat and PR that shit, whatever it may be, do your life with vigor and tenacity.