Skill: P1-5.

WOD: P1. Shoulder Press: 5-4-3-2-1. Use sets as warmups to 1 rm. 55-100+%.
P2. Tabata hollow body box/bar/ring holds. 20 seconds on x 10 sec. off x 8 rounds. 4 min total.


WOD: Run 3 x (200m, 400m, 600m) recover 1:1 work/recovery ratio
Post times for each distance. (re-test)
*modify or scale to rowing if needed: 250,500,800m.
Friends who workout together push each other to do their best!

Friends who workout together push each other to do their best!

Be sure to welcome these new faces to group classes!

Be sure to welcome these new faces to group classes!


11a. Team WOD. ‘Jerry: Run 1 mile, row 2k, Run 1 mile.
*2 person teams, partners run together, share work on the rower, then run together.


WOD: P1. Back Squat
Working Loads- 5@40%, 5@50%, 5@60% (Concentrating on positioning and SPEED out of the bottom)
Skill: review dips briefly before going onto P2.
P2. alternating tabata 20 seconds on x 10 seconds off x 8 rounds. Dips, abmat situps (8 total min.)


WOD: “Helen-tervals”

Perform 5 rounds of Helen with a 2 minute rest between rounds. Total time includes rest.
1 rd = 400m Run – 21 KB Swings (35,53#) – 12 Pull-ups


WOD: 15 minutes

1 Round = 1 hollow body hold + 1 strict pull-up + 3 kipping pull-ups + 10 second hollow body hold

  • During the round, your hands must stay on the bar without resting
  • After 1 round, rest 60-90 Seconds
  • Record how many rounds you completed in 15 minutes

 Cookie and Cathal



Amrap in 20 minutes

30 box jumps (20″,24″)

20 push press (75#, 115#)

30 pullups

Saturday Morning Team WOD

Saturday Morning Team WOD


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This Sunday 2/10 @ 5pm Damian Esposito, executive chef at the IU union, will be at HCF to teach us basic cooking skills in the kitchen! He’ll have food for us to sample! Paleo Challengers are Free and non-paleo challengers are $5 drop in! Register through mind body!

Skill: review handstand pushup skill work for the week. P1-3.

WOD: EMOTM for 20 min.
3 Hand stand pushup, 6 toes-bar.


A pep talk from Kid President to You!

P1. Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5. All working sets should be at 70-75%+ of 1 rm.
P2. AMRAP 5 Min: 20 KB swings (35,53#), 20 walking lunges (total) 10 per leg.

KB and Lunges



It was great meeting new faces at our Bring a Friend WOD today!

10 minute clock, 4-person teams

 The 3 team members share work to complete 3 rounds of 5 body rows, 10 pushups, and 15 air squats while 1 teammate completes max distance on the rower. Change rowers and complete the cycle again.  Continue until 10 minutes is up.  This workout is scored by max distance on the rower in 10 minutes.

3-2-1 Go!