Lake Monroe Boat Trip

Sunday, July 22, 2012
From: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

Cost: $25
For registered members of Hoosier CrossFit, 21 and older.

This boat outing on Lake Monroe is only for those 21 and older.The cost is $25 and you can make the purchase online via Mind/Body. If you cancel after 7/5 you will not be refunded. You may invite friends and family that are not members of HCF, and you can purchase multiple spots online. If you only want 1/2 the day, then We will have a 2nd pickup/drop off at 1:30pm; price remains the same. With money leftover, we will purchase snacks and drinks, but feel free to bring your own. Beer/wine are acceptable beverages on the trip; however, We expect you to have respect for others and yourself by not getting piss drunk. If you plan on drinking, you must prepare your designated driver before attending. Hoosier CrossFit is not considering this an HCF sponsored event; only YOU are responsible for your actions, but everyone has a responsibility to ensure the safety of others.

Member Registration for Lake Monroe Boat Trip

DATE: 7/22 TIME: 1st pickup – 9:30am; 2nd pickup – 1:30pm

Heather R.

This past Thanksgiving my twin sister, Jenny, brought home her boyfriend, Anthony (a CrossFit trainer out in Kansas City, MO), and initially introduced me to CrossFit. Before this, I was the typical 30 minutes on an elliptical while reading a magazine kind of girl (never again). He ended up taking us to the YMCA and giving a brief tutorial on what a CrossFit workout was like. After doing what seemed like a million walking lunges, some form of a ridiculous looking modified handstand push up, and the beloved burpees, I was hooked. I remember going home and telling my dad I wanted to do this NOW!

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Crystal T.B.

I was a thirty-something year old runner and in decent shape compared to many people I know.  Like most runners, I ran–a lot–and even completed my first marathon in early 2010.  Realistically, I am not a podium finisher but I can hold my own in local 5K races to place at or near top of my age group.   I am a competitive, type A personality with a good imagination; even when running alone, I envision myself throwing elbows with Kenyans as we approach the finish line in slow motion, Chariots of Fire style.

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21 Deadlift (135,225) No more than 60% of 1rm., 800m. Run
15 Deadlift, 800 m. run
9 Deadlift, 800m. run
“By converting to an animal fat-based metabolism, you are returning to the ancestral human fuel source. And the best way to switch to fat burning is to start eating more animals and whatever fat comes with them.” –  Mark Sisson, writer of the Primal Blueprint and Mark’s Daily Apple blog

Paul W.

May 2010: I had recently run the 500 Festival Mini Marathon and gave away our youngest daughter Lisa to Ryan Koontz at their May 22nd wedding. Shaun just happened to be best man. About a month later, my new son-in-law Ryan calls me one Saturday morning and says; “Shaun is doing free CrossFit workouts at Bryan Park, want to come with me?” I said sure, I’ll try it.

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Jen R.

I initially became aware of CrossFit through everyone’s preferred voyeuristic medium, Facebook.  A childhood friend of mine started CrossFitting at her local affiliate, and I became intrigued by her constant status updates and the pictures she posted. The more I Facebook-stalked her CrossFitting experiences, the more I wanted to know about it.

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Andy W.

My story begins with Pam coming home and talking all about strange things like burpees and box jumps and how supportive everyone one was. I decided it was time for me to try this On Ramp thing. I have to tell you, I thought I was in pretty good shape but was I ever proven wrong. And keep in mind; this was just the On Ramp class. I was so sore every day and now understood what Pam was talking about.

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Pam W.

I became familiar with CrossFit from a friend who went all the time to a different gym but never thought it was something I would get into. Then I met Shaun and Jenna at a networking event and learned more but still thought…me lift weights? Yeah, no. Last fall I was putting together a silent auction for an event and thought HCF might be interested in donating something which they gladly did. It was an On Ramp package.

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Ryan B.

In an attempt to avoid too many mundane details, I will just say that I have a multisport athletic background. By the start of On-Ramp, many years and pounds of fat had found themselves between me and that background. After college I went to work, got married, and made babies. Oh yeah, and sat down on the couch and didn’t move for almost a decade.

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