About Hoosier CrossFit

Our gym is founded on 4 core values to help everyone have a memorable experience at our gym.   Not only do these values drive our business from within, but our members accept and follow these values to get the most out of their experience.  These values are the reason why Hoosier CrossFit provides the best strength and conditioning program for general preparedness.



Community thrives in many different ways at Hoosier CrossFit, but, first and foremost, we create an atmosphere that welcomes you into our space.  Our small staff gets to know you just as a sports coach knows their athletes.  Additionally, you workout in groups because you will work harder and open up your competitive spirit.  With community, you will achieve things you never knew was possible.




Our motto is Quality over Quantity.  When choosing a CrossFit gym, you should want to have an experience that provides quality in customer service, coaching, and athletic programming.  We are expert CrossFit coaches that specialize in teaching anyone the foundations of power lifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, and more.




Hoosier CrossFit is founded on hard work and we expect our members to pay the same respect.  The effort you put into CrossFit will directly yield those results.  If you choose a 2x/week package, then someone who chooses the 4x/week package will yield results twice as fast and twice as great.  Diligence isn’t just about showing up, but about how you spend your time here. Make sure that you make the most of your time at Hoosier CrossFit with a positive attitude and respecting your coach.




Reflect on all of your priorities.  Most of the time, this is a list of things that you will accomplish no matter what; they have to get done or there will be repercussions.  Is health and wellness on your list?  Reflect on whether you want to accept accountability with Hoosier CrossFit.  Attend classes at your scheduled time, respect the coaches advice, and eat food that will fuel your body.


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