Kari P: Adventures of a CrossFitting mom


Kari is a mom you can identify with; she has very little time to get away from her full time job and hectic life with her toddler at home. Kari has dreams, though, and she gave CrossFit a chance to help her finally get a routine down with a workout program that may make those dreams come true. Kari has documented the scary beginnings of starting On Ramp, plus the empowerment she felt after Completing it.

September 21

Life Lesson 101: Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Today I was invited to try crossfit. I know several people who do it and love it and I’ve always been curious to about it. Today was the day. I left all of my nerves at the door and decided to give it my all. It was amazing! Thanks to my Focus T25 workouts, my form was on point and I was able to do all of the moves! Even REAL push-ups! Holla! I love that CrossFit focuses on teamwork, community, and strength. There were people there of every shape and size and we were all encouraging one another to push through and finish. So with that being said, if you’re on the fence about trying something new, just do it. What do you have to lose?! Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Decide. Commit. Succeed! You CAN do it!

January 9
Whew! Tonight’s Hoosier CrossFit workout was a challenge! Checkout my video to hear all about it. Oh, and don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.. Yes, it’s a scary unknown place, but it’s also where the most unbelievable things will happen!

Be Fitspirational Always,


P.S. My video was cut short because my teammate, we’ll call her ‘T’, came out to celebrate our successful night on the pull-up cages! She’s super sweet and also a beast! I would totally want her on my team should we leave the gym and discover B’town has been taken over by zombies! Way to kill it tonight, girlie!

January 14:

My New Years resolution is to ‘Be Better’ and in my book, that includes BEing honest. Like I stated in a previous post, this page is going to be more like my journal, not just some fitness page that posts motivational fillers and tips in the hopes that you hit the ‘LIKE’ button. I’m going to use this page to document the HIGHS and the LOWS that makes up my fitspirational fitness journey, in hopes that my honesty will help strengthen me and help inspire you. With that being said, here I go…

As you know, I started doing Hoosier CrossFit last week. I felt entirely badass just signing up for it and I still felt that way after my first workout. How I felt after my second workout, well that’s a different story. You see, we did an exercise that I’ve never done before which means I used muscles that I haven’t really used before. This lovely move is called the Kip Swing. It involves hanging from a pull-up bar and using all of your upper body to swing yourself back and forth. At first, I was doing ok. I mean I got the swinging motion down alright, but my hands kept slipping and by the end of the workout, I had a small skin tear on my right hand and both hands were aching. >>Insert cry baby screams here<<

All of this fun happened last Thursday and it wasn't until Sunday that my arms and lats started feeling better. I woke up on Monday knowing that I HAD to go back on Tuesday...I. WAS. DREADING. IT! I knew I couldn't back out because the owner, Shaun, strongly dislikes when people make excuses for missing a workout. I learned this when when I attended the FREE January workout we had during a winter storm last week and people were already calling in that Sunday to see if the gym would be closed that Monday. I didn't want to be known as "That Person," if ya know what I mean.

Another reason I didn't back out was due to an e-mail I received from a fellow CrossFitter. He was checking in to see how my journey was going. I was honest and told him I was TERRIFIED to go back because my hands were SO sore from last weeks workout. >>Insert crybaby screams AGAIN<< His reply simply stated this, “Don’t be terrified! You’ll get physically and mentally stronger with each workout. I know you’ll do great!” That e-mail was the encouragement I needed to get back in the gym.

So here I am, in the gym with my teammates. We’re reminiscing over our first week and I begin to share my fears with them. Similarly, some feel the exact same way! Thank you, God! We were ALL sore. We were ALL a bit nervous and intimidated, but WE ALL CAME BACK! Hooray!

Tonight we learned how to do dead lifts and strict pull-ups. Yes, I said pull-ups! I know, I know, this is the exact exercise I was terrified to do when I came in tonight, but with the help of my coach, Heather, and these amazing ginormous rubber bands, I did them! I actually did quite a bit! Holla! Whose a balla now, fitfam??!? That’s right…….ME!!! Yes, I’ve had EPIC moments in my life like falling in love and bringing another human into the world and now I can add this to that list…doing a ‘modified strict pull-up!’ Why is this SO epic, you ask? Because it means I didn’t quit! I DIDN’T QUIT! {Imagine me standing on a mountain top shouting for all of the world to hear!} Even after I ate pizza and ice cream last night and crab rangoons at Mr. Hibachi for lunch today, all because I was so nervous and stressed about going to this little workout tonight, I didn’t give up! With the help of my team and a little self pep-talk, I walked into that gym prepared for battle. I did it! I really, really did it! Last week I was humbled by one measly exercise and tonight my confidence was restored due to one little exercise, ginormous rubber bands, an attitude of perseverance and the encouragement of my CF team!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what all my excitement is about, here is the exercise I completed tonight: the modified strict pull-up! This was the first time in forever that I’ve attempted a pull-up. Just like with any first attempt, ASK questions. Afraid you can’t do something, ASK for a modification. Also, don’t be afraid of your trainers. They are there to make sure you’re doing the moves correctly and they want you to SUCCEED! Yes, we may view them as CrossFit Gods, and while they may indeed be CFG’s, they were once a beginner just like you and me. They’ve been where I am now and they can totally relate. Knowing that I can ask them for advice and support me makes me all the more eager to do better.

Remember, what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you. If something is hard, keep at it. Eventually it will get easier because YOU will get stronger!

Be Fitspirational Always,

Kari Leigh ♥

January 30
BEFORE her last class
Getting ready for a little Hoosier CrossFit! My team graduates On-Ramp today! Woohoo! Oh, and did I mention I’m BACK in my Nike Pro workout capris?! It’s been since October since I’ve had these bad boys on! Totally freakin’ excited!!!! #boombaby

AFTER her last class

Four weeks ago I took on a daunting challenge…Hoosier CrossFit. To be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t for the encouragement and support from the owners, Shaun & Jenna, I never would’ve signed up for On-Ramp, but Thank. God. I. Did!

One week into On-Ramp and I wanted to quit. I was trash talking the sport not because I thought it genuinely sucked, but because I was in pain from a workout that I totally sucked at! You see I strongly dislike sucking at things, so naturally when I’m not good at something I make up any and all excuses to walk away from the thing I suck at especially if it’s crazy hard or challenging. CrossFit was the first time I did’t walk away. I needed the challenge that CrossFit offered like I needed my next breathe of air.

After much whining and fussing, I decided to go back for week #2. I checked my fears at the door and decided I was all in. I put forth all of my effort to listen and learn from my coaches and I started getting excited. My body started feeling strong and I felt empowered. I couldn’t wait to go back for week #3 & #4.

That brings me to today, Graduation Day! I did it! I completed four weeks of On-Ramp training! On the very first day of class we did a workout for time. I was the {LAST} one on my team to finish with a time of 8:55. Tonight, we did the same workout for time and I finished {FIRST} with a time of 4:58! HOLY. CRAPBALLS!!! I shaved almost half off my original time! I was in awe! Tonight, I didn’t let anything stand in my way. I know that I’m capable of doing anything I set my mind to and while I was the largest person in my class, I didn’t let that stop me. I’m strong. I’m powerful. I’m driven. I’ve got my sights set on my goals and I can’t wait to join the BIG kids class next week!

Be Fitspirational Always,