“What motivates you? What makes you get fired up to train? Is it a PR attempt? It is the buddies you train with? Is it the vacation swimsuit you have to get on? Is it getting stronger? Is it the sense of accomplishment from slugging through a WOD that has all of your weaknesses? Is it your first unassisted pull up? Is getting your body weight snatch? Is it being able to do yard work all day and not be sore? Embrace your reason for training. Stay motivated.
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Power clean progressions: Burg warmup + power cleans from pockets, knee, floor.
P1. EMOTM x 10 min: 3-5 power cleans (reset every rep)
Increase 5-10% every 2 min.
At lighter loads try to get 5 good reps in, as weight increases decrease reps to 4 or 3.
Post rounds 1/2, 3/4… etc. with load used and reps completed that round.
Min 1-2: 50-55%, Min 3-4: 60-65%, Min 5-6: 65-70%, Min 7-8: 70-75%, Min 9-10: 75-85%.
P2. Back Squat.
*warmup with 2-3 reps at barbell, 45,55%, then:
5×65%, 5×75%, 5+reps x 85%.