“In that moment, I decided to make a concerted effort to give priority to the things in life that are actually worth my attention and effort. I highly doubt that as I lie on my deathbed I will say, “Man, I wish I had gotten more involved in that Twitter battle and spent less time outside truly living.” The list of things I thought I needed to be happy has gotten shorter over the past weeks. I am traveling lighter than I ever thought I could. What are you carrying on your journey?”What Really Matters

BAF weekend fun!

P1. EMOTM x 10 min. Max reps strict pullups with least assistance/max weight.
*Mark what assistance/weight you used for each round with # of reps completed.
*Can change assistance/weight each round if needed.
P2. Back Squat 5×5. Increasing each round to a 5 rep max.
*Post weights for each working set and final heaviest set of 5.