This Saturday is the first annual Romp at Riddle Point which is an obstacle course race supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington, co-hosted by the Indiana University Office of Outdoor Adventures, Indiana University Recreational Sports, and Hoosier CrossFit. The Romp is about three miles in length, stretching throughout BGC Bloomington’s scenic property of Riddle Point on the south shore of Lake Lemon. The race features 12 obstacles, including hay bale jumping, tire run, and a race up a 25-foot ravine. Come out this weekend and support your fellow HCF’ers participating!

Skill: hang snatch
P1. 10 min to work up to a max hang snatch. – NO SLOP, clean and crisp!
P2. Work Capacity: Complete 15 rounds: 15 min total.
30 second max calories row
30 seconds rest (active recovery row)