This Saturday is the first annual Romp at Riddle Point which is an obstacle course race supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington, co-hosted by the Indiana University Office of Outdoor Adventures, Indiana University Recreational Sports, and Hoosier CrossFit. The Romp is about three miles in length, stretching throughout BGC Bloomingtonā€™s scenic property of Riddle Point on the south shore of Lake Lemon. The race features 12 obstacles, including hay bale jumping, tire run, and a race up a 25-foot ravine. Come out this weekend and support your fellow HCF’ers participating!

Skill: hang snatch
P1. 10 min to work up to a max hang snatch. – NO SLOP, clean and crisp!
P2. Work Capacity: Complete 15 rounds: 15 min total.
30 second max calories row
30 seconds rest (active recovery row)