“A Beautiful Thing”

By Lisa Long

Skill: Row P1-4.
WOD: P1. 10 min max watt power test. within 3-5 pulls perform highest watts on rower with damper setting on 8-10. rest as needed between efforts. 6-8 total attempts within 10 min.
P2. Muscle up skill work 12-15min.
1. Static bar/ring hold. 3 x 10 sec.
2. strict bar/ring dip-with/without assistance 3x 3-5 reps
3. false grip on rings-with pull from kneeling position on floor 3 x 2-3 reps
4. same as above but now turn over and finish in deep bottom dip and finish with pressing out of dip if capable 3 x 2-3 reps.
5. slowly begin to raise height of rings up 3-5 inches per 2-3 reps as competency increases.
*if they cannot perform the ring progression of the turnover, then continue to work on either static bar/ring holds with eccentric lowering to bottom of dip with little-no assistance.