“Whether you think you can or think you can’t—your right.”
Henry Ford
WOD: P1. Partner sled pushes 25m. 1 min. on x 1 min. off x 6 min. total. (light-moderate load, fast foot turnover)
2-3 person teams, P1 pushes down, P2 pushes back, P3 pushes down…etc. 100% effort!
1 min rest after sled push and move directly into: individual work:
P2. EMOTM x 5 min:  5 Toes-bar, 5 box jump (24,30”)
1 min rest
P3. EMOTM x 4 min: 10 FAST burpees/AMRAP double-unders with remaining time in min. Score is double-unders completed per round.
17 min total including rest- FGB timer.
Sarah F. doing 24'' box jumps!

Sarah F. doing 24” box jumps!