CrossFit Classes

CrossFit classes include technical skills that we need to teach you in advance. The On Ramp CrossFit Foundations course is a pre-requisite before registering for CrossFit Classes.  

Upcoming On Ramp schedule and registration

Learn movement mechanics with little to no weight.  We teach mechanics, consistency, then intensity.

Learn CrossFit movement mechanics with other new members in small groups of 10 or less.

We are experts in teaching you Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Gymnastics foundations and more through our On Ramp program.  We will teach you the 9 foundational CrossFit movements: air squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo-deadlift high pull and medicine ball clean.  These make up the bulk of technical movements that create our sport.  We, also, affectively teach you other technical skills including kettlebell swings, kipping pull-ups, rowing, and much more.  On Ramp is an integral part of the getting-started process when joining a CrossFit gym. You want to invest in properly learning these movements before performing intense CrossFit workouts.

Is CrossFit right for you? Our programs don’t discriminate against age and ability levels and we are experts in scaling and modifying to the needs of our participants. What bonds the CrossFit community is the belief in not giving up.  Being tired and having joint pain are not the same thing; when you’re tired, we will encourage you to do your best, and not give up. When you are in pain, it is your responsibility to communicate to the coaches what you need. Our coaches do not have telepathy or X-Ray vision, nor are we doctors.

 A typical On Ramp class will include the following:

  1. short warm-up
  2. past skill review: improving skills learned from previous sessions
  3. techniques to improve flexibility
  4. new skill training: each session you’ll learn a new skill
  5. a workout encompassing the new skills learned that day

When On Ramp is complete, you MUST commit to at least 1 month of CrossFit classes. We will contact you with details your last week of On Ramp on how to register for CrossFit classes.  


Private Training is available to clients who have special training needs or cannot attend most On Ramp classes. Our current rate is $60/hour.  We generally need 4 sessions, maybe less and maybe more; we will know by your 1st session.  Set up your first appointment today!

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