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Learn more about Hoosier CrossFit with a tour of the gym, explanation of CrossFit, and a 30-minute training session.

Inside HCF

  •  Sign up on Mondays at 6:15pm and Saturdays at 11am.
  • Can’t attend the appointments? Drop in to chat with us.


CrossFit light: beginners

CrossFit light is a scaled down version of CrossFit Classes. Use Kettlebells, medicine balls, and bodyweight to get fit and improve flexibility.

  • Sign up on T/TH at 6:15pm
  • 1 month is $49 or 3 months only $99.


CrossFit Classes: General

Get in the best shape of your life! Workouts include different movements and intensities while performing them in different time domains; you’ll never get bored and you’ll get fitness results that last.

  • Step 2:  Register for the group or private training On Ramp. Group Class On Ramp is 12 classes over 1 month.  Upcoming On Ramp start dates:
    • August 17: 6:00am on M,W,F
    • August 24: 3:15pm on M,W,F
    • August 31: 5:15pm on M, T,TH
    • October 5: 5:15pm on M, T, TH

Downtown Location