Get Started with CrossFit.

 It’s hard to understand what we do by reading about it. The owners, Shaun and Jenna take time out of their busy schedule to give you a tour of the gym, plus provide a free  30 minute workout. Appointments can be made most Monday evenings or Saturday Mornings. Schedule a semi-private free introduction workout.
Saturday, June 27 is a free community workout at 11am for adults, and a free kids class at 10:30am for elementary ages.
 If you are a beginner or seeking affordable group training, CrossFit Light is a scaled down version of our CrossFit Classes. You will get fitter and improve flexibility through functional movement training using kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers, and your bodyweight. Sign up for Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm for as low as $49/month with no contracts or sign up fees.   Read more about CrossFit Light! 
Our goal is to help you get in the best shape of your life!  Everyday your workout will include different movements and intensities while performing them in different time domains; you’ll never get bored and you’ll get fitness results that last.  We will teach you how to properly lift barbells, how to do pullups, and gain friendships that can last a lifetime. Read the steps below to ensure this is the right time for you to join HCF.
Step 2:  Register for On Ramp, a pre-requisite educational course that lasts 1 month on a fixed schedule.  It’s tough to understand what On Ramp is and why you need it, but all new members need to enroll in group On Ramp or schedule private On Ramp sessions before attending CrossFit Classes.
  • July 6 start date 5:15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • July 20 start date: 6:00am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • August 3  start date: 5:15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • August 10 start date: 9:00am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • August 17 start date: 6:00am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • August 24 start date: 3:15pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  •  Schedule a private On Ramp on any day at any time with an expert coach by emailing Jenna at for $60/session for 6 sessions at least 3 days a week.

Downtown Location