Get Started with CrossFit.

Free workout!
Schedule a semi-private free introduction workout. It’s hard to understand what we do by reading about it. Schedule a Free workout with us or drop in to watch a workout. Appointments can be made on Monday evenings or Saturday Mornings.  We also host free community workouts once a month:
Free Community Workout: August 30 @ 11am
Free Kids class (30 min): August 30 @ 10:30am
CrossFit light: beginners
Register for our *new program* CrossFit Light!  This is perfect for those who are just getting back into shape and need a scaled down version of our CrossFit Classes.  We don’t use technical barbell or gymnastics skills, so you can get started for just $49! You don’t need to enroll in On Ramp!
**If you’ve purchased a Groupon for Relentless Bootcamp, contact Jenna at to set you up for CrossFit Light classes**
CrossFit Classes: General 
Get started with CrossFit Classes; sign up for On Ramp here!  We are experts in everything CrossFit; This means that even though it’s tough to understand what On Ramp is and why you need it, we know that you need it. So, before you join:
Step 2:  Register for On Ramp. Those new to CrossFit need to learn CrossFit movements in Group or Private On Ramp.  On Ramp is an educational program to learn technical skills. Already a CrossFitter? Click this link to learn if you can test out.
  • Aug 18 – Sep 15 (no class 9/1) M/W/F at 6:30am: 12 classes for $160 (1 spot left!)
  • Sept 2 (starts on Tuesday)- Sept 29 M/T/TH @ 5:15pm: 12 classes for $160
  • Sept 15 – Oct 10 M/W/F at 6:30am: 12 classes for $160
  •  Do a private On Ramp on any day at any time with an expert coach by emailing Jenna at for $60/session.  You’ll need 2-4 sessions.
Step 3:  Towards the end of On Ramp, you’ll receive an important email that will help teach you how to sign into CrossFit Classes.

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