Get Started with CrossFit.

Free workout!
Get to know what CrossFit is all about. Schedule a Free intro with us!  If you cannot make the intros, please take time to learn how Hoosier CrossFit is different, by spending time on our site or dropping in to watch a workout!  Are you a CrossFitter transferring gyms and want to test out? Click the link to learn how to test out of On Ramp.
Free Community Workout: May 10 @ 11am Bring your mom and she’ll get $25 off On Ramp!
Free Kids class (30 min): May 10 @ 10:30am
CrossFit light: beginners
Register for our *new program* CrossFit Light!  We are introducing these classes for those are on a budget or need an easier experience before the intensity of our CrossFit Classes.  This program is only 45 minutes, high cardio, and no technical skills.  On Ramp is NOT required!! Your introductory rate is only $49 for 8 CrossFit Light Classes! Read up on whether CrossFit Light is for you and Sign up today!
**If you’ve purchased a Groupon for Relentless Bootcamp, contact Jenna at to set you up for CrossFit Light classes**
CrossFit Classes: General 
Register for On Ramp before attending CrossFit Classes.  Beginner, intermediate, and advanced movers will benefit from CrossFit classes.  We are experts in what we do and can scale all functional movements to your needs.  You can sign in to a variety of Class times ranging from 5:30am through 8:15pm. Read through our membership policies to learn more.
*Because classes involve highly technical skills, you must enroll in private or group On Ramp before enrolling for CrossFit Classes.
Upcoming Group On Ramp Schedule:
May 5 on MWF 5:45pm: 6 classes for $160
On Ramp in private training: We use 3-4 private sessions based on your availability. Contact with your schedule.

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